Yellow Shirt

My DH has asked me numerous times to buy a yellow maternity shirt. He said he wants to see me in a yellow shirt and capri jeans pregnant. Hummmm? Not sure why, but I think it is pretty stinkin' cute! Awwwww I love him, I better start looking for my yellow shirt.

*Update* Gabe is doing okay, he wants to come home very bad. I checked into flights and the best we could do would only put him home about 16 hours earlier for almost $900. For now we just keep our fingers crossed. He is washing his hands like crazy and wearing a mask at all times. My new worry is him catching something on the airplane and bringing it back to me. :-( We plan to keep our distance from each other and to both wear masks at all times until we are sure he doesn't have it. My Mom works for a local hospital and can get him in Monday morning to be tested. Thanks for thinking and praying for Gabe, he will be home Saturday evening.

*Craving of the day peperoncinis and pickles!


Mimi said...

I will be praying he comes home healthy!

Now go get that yellow shirt! LOL


Ryan and Stuart said...

Thinking of both of you and hoping that swine flu stays away!

twondra said...

I hope Gabe comes home healthy and very soon! Thinking and praying for you guys!