OB Appointment

Yes, I had an OB appointment today and I have been keeping it a secret for one reason and one reason only. Saturday is my Mom's 50th Birthday and I was hoping to surprise her with the genders of the babies. Unfortunately it was too soon to tell, but I am happy to report that the babies looked great and the OB made a gender guess. Now remember this is just a guess... actually determination shouldn't be done until 18 weeks (my next appt. 5.5.09).

Baby A - Boy
Baby B - Girl

He saw something between Baby A's legs and looked and looked and could find nothing between Baby B's. He told me not to trust it, but I asked for a guess and a guess I got, and guess what? I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I sure hope he is right.

I have been referred onto the Periontologist/Maternal Fetal Specialist. This is the doctor we saw for the NT scan. I will still be seeing the OB in town once a month, but I will also go to Walnut Creek every 4 - 6 weeks. In Walnut Creek they will be doing more thorough ultrasounds and cervix checks. I am very happy with this, not because I don't feel my OB is capable, but just because I want to be certain all is well and in Walnut Creek they specialize in multiples. I am also glad because the ultra sound machine in the other office is FANTASTIC, which means BETTER PICTURES!


Ryan and Stuart said...

Woohoo! B/G twins would be AWESOME!!!! Of course, any twins would be fabulous! :-)

twondra said...

Awwww, that would be wonderful!

Hope your mom has a great birthday. You'll have to let me know how she likes something....wink, wink. (don't want to say in case she reads your blog :)).

Andrea said...

Yay for better pics. and YAY for a possible boy and girl, that would mean that charlie and unicorn could BE possible names. I mean Unicorn wouldnt fit with a boy perhaps. hehe. We miss you.

Melissa Griffin said...

Tiffany - that is awesome!

I wanted to telly ou my BF is pregnant with twins and the doctor guessed girl and boy and said that was fairly accurate based on what she saw...and she was right!
That is very exciting early news for you!

Polly Gamwich said...

how cool would that be if it was b/g twins - not like you haven't already but i'd say you've hit the infertility jackpot!!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

yayyy for one of each! that is super! lets hope there are no surprises and he thinks the same in a few weeks!