I didn't fall off the face of the earth

I just got eaten up by life. Things are nuts. I sort of have a business that actually makes money... Sort of www.tiffanysnook.origamiowl.com www.mythirtyone.com\mamasnook

I certainly only have one little boy in diapers. I pretty much weigh a weight I am happy with, but more so ugh life takes time, makes me pull my hair out and makes me wish I had four sets of hands, but I am in love with it and all four of my guys.

These boys teach me things day in and day out and the amount of information they take in and crazy things they say has me laughing all the time.

The twins will start the 4 year preschool program in September.  Mama and Daddy are working their butts off so the boys can partake in preschool this year because it is such an amazing experience for them and a nice little break for Mommy and Hudson too.  Hudson is for sure keeping me on my toes while the twins are become so independent.

Our Summer has been jam packed with fun and September is sure to me SO MUCH FUN!

In huge news we have a Mickey Bday blowout coming up and it will be complete with a trip to Disney with the Grandparents.

So much has happened so its hard to recap, but here is a shot in pics!