A D&C For Me?

Oh my how I need to vent. I am now in this funk I just can't get out of. I am angry and nervous and ANGRY, and MAD, and sad, and MAD.

Remember when I said I was still bleeding? Well it is NOT a birth control problem. They found some sort of something on my ultrasound yesterday. Yes, I finally got an ultrasound. In December 2009 I had TWO appointments scheduled for ultrasounds to check why I was still bleeding and BOTH times my OBGYN's office cancelled on me.

Finally on December 29th I got in and my OBGYN assured me it was just the low dose pills I was on for breastfeeding so he switched them to Yaz. Then three weeks ago I went in again and AGAIN he switched my pills. Yesterday I got in to a different doctor and he too didn't want to do an ultrasound, he instead suggested I switch to the Nuva-Ring, but I insisted on an ultrasound. He got me an appointment for one March 1st, but knew I was unhappy with that so was able to squeeze me in for one right then. (On a side note it was cool having the boys next to me in the room I used to see them on the screen in every week.) So Bam... immediately he spotted something! While it would be rare that it is anything more than something left over from the pregnancy he still had to warn me that it could possibly be something more. Nice, oh so nice.

Why am I mad? Because they didn't catch this sooner! Why am I sad? Because I don't want to go through this! Why am I angry? Because I now have a $4,000 deductible and had we taken care of this last year I wouldn't have paid anything!

The surgery coordinator called yesterday and I started crying when she was talking about the procedure and the costs, it will surely be over the $4,000. She felt really bad because she remembered cancelling my appointment in December. So, after another talk with the doctor we decided to go a different route to try to save some money. Tonight I will be taking pills which contract my uterus. I have taken these twice before after my two miscarriages. I am praying so hard that these do the trick and I will not have to go through anything further. I am not looking forward to tonight as I recall it being pretty painful.

If the pills do NOT work he gave me another option of doing just a D&C in the office vs. a Hysteroscopy D&C in the hospital. This option would save a lot of money, however I would be under NO anesthesia and they would not be using a camera. So, there we are, I am pretty sure I will opt for the in office procedure, you have NO idea how tight money is right now. I will also be talking to the financial coordinator today to see if we qualify for any of the financial programs, hopefully she gives me some news so we can do the procedure the right way in the hospital. Please say a little prayer that the pills are able to get what ever this is out so I don't have to go through much more. What can I expect from a D&C? Will I be able to take care of the boys and go right back to work? The coordinator said allow three days down time, but I am wondering what you all thought?


Got 'Em

I got the pictures from my Mom's computer. Gosh I am so in love with these boys!

They are totally into carrots, the exersaucer, the jumperoo, soft blankies with silk on them, and just recently teething rings.

They are getting pretty good at holding their bottles and now cry if I don't feed them their baby food fast enough. I think next week I might try adding in some fruit.

We are LOVING the nicer weather and taking walks outside. They love their stroller, but we have been thinking about maybe getting a wagon this Summer.

Noah, is digging taking baths in the real bathtub, he kicks and splashes like crazy. Aaden no longer minds tummy time because he just rolls over to get off his tummy, and both the boys are doing great at trying to sit. Aaden has picked up this new talking voice, which sounds like whining and Noah now has a great new screeching scream, they are both oh so lovely.


Sleep and Some Cuteness

OH MY GOSH! I HAVE FOUND IT! THE KEY TO SLEEP! I AM IN LOVE! Enfamil Restfull, yes it does happen to be $16.99 a can at Target, but I don't care! They slept, they actually slept and I actually had to wake them up! It fills them up more and digests slower.

The last month since starting cereal had been hard, they wouldn't eat as much bottle before bed and I was getting up about three times a night to feed. Usually Aaden twice and Noah once, well NOT last night!

Even better, they don't need to eat as much before bed. In the past in order to get them to sleep through the night they needed 10 oz., and with the cereal filling them up more, they would no longer take bottles that big. Last night Noah had 6 oz. and Aaden had 4 oz. of the stuff (along with 2 oz. of regular formula about a half hour earlier.)

I only woke up once at 4 a.m. to give Aaden 2 more oz. and right back to bed he went. This stuff is amazing! Don't worry the boys get plenty of regular formula during the day along with oatmeal twice and one to two servings of fresh baby food I made myself. Today is peas! They have already had squash, and sweet potatoes. Tomorrow is carrots. I am so EXCITED! Sleep feels so good and makes us all so refreshed.

Isn't this cuteness just too much to handle? My Mom took this in our living room one day when I was at work and she surprised me with it for Valentine's Day. I have a bunch more I will post soon.


Another Picture Overload

Noah doing "bounce bounce"
Great Grammy and A

Little A.P. says "hi"

Great Grammy on her babysitting day with the boys
Aaden and Auntie Monica meet for the first time

Noah likes her, luckily we will be seeing much more of her, she will be moving nearby this Summer.

Monica and Mikie in San Francisco
A day trip to Pier 39
Elianna goes crazy

Noah is learning to sit up
Noah, no pulling hair

Our Superbowl half-time show
Grandpa-O and Aaden
My sickie boy

Bubble blower
First taste of food, squash February 11th
Yummy squash!
Aaden wants an iPhone.
Brotherly love

They love holding onto to eachother

A quick trip out on the boat up at the lake house

Candace and Baby Jared
Mama and Noah

Grammy and Aaden

Our Little Valentine's

Sweet Potatoe