The Vocab, The Zoo, and The Babe

The vocab of these little men is INSANE. Just in the last couple weeks they have started saying SO much. They can tell you what the dog, cat, monster, tiger, and cow say along with words which include: Mama, Mommy, Dada, Daddy, Grammy (very recent and oh so thrilled was my Mom), Oz, Ozzy, Rocky, Whoa, Santa (which still sounds like Da-Da), Uh-oh, cheese, cracker, Car, Toot Toot, Book, All Done, Dog, Cat, Ball, Giraffe, up, Calliou, Thomas, Thank you, Bye bye, Hi, Hi ya, Ball, cup, juice, cracker, Sissy, and Noah.

We went on a trip to the zoo a couple weekends ago to which the best moment was when Noah said "giraffe" while pointing at the giraffe. It was priceless.

The babe will be 9 weeks tomorrow, we are moving right along. The morning sickness is more evening, and not bad at all. Just a little queasy around and after dinner time. Cravings still include more sweets, but of course olives and peppers are still in the mix. With sodas and candy being the front runners. We have a hiccup with our insurance. Seems the Perinatal doc we saw last time is in the middle of her contract with our insurance company and she is NOT accepting our insurance right now. So, we will most likely switch docs to save the $2k increase this would cost us to remain with her. See my insurance has a $4k deductible for in-network, if we go out of network that bumps up to $6k, now mind you this deductible means NOTHING (minus one annual and the boys check ups and shots) is covered until we meet this. So, my blood work and ultrasounds right now are costing us a pretty penny, and adding another $2k to the mix just isn't feasible. However, once we meet that deductible it's smooth sailing and NO out of pocket AT ALL for the rest of the year. So, we are crossing our fingers that the switch is flawless and the new doc is great. Part of me is SO hesitant because the doc we are leaving is the doc who I feel saved our babies lives and was able to get us to such a safe delivery point, but I have faith that the new doc will be great too and ya'll know I will do my research and be the doc myself, because well.. that's just me. A huge plus to switching docs is the location. Where the new office is I have some family in that town and nearby, which will make it easy for me to call in some favors for sitters during appointments, as these offices are STRICT on no kids allowed.

The hormones are insane this time around, I have cried EVERY day for the last two weeks (in part because of some stuff going on) and I quickly go from smiley to angry. Hoping this changes soon as I am not sure how much longer I and those around me can take this. My poor Husband is being great though, besides when he laughs at me for crying during TV shows. He had a great laugh as I was balling watching "How I Met Your Mother" last night. Brat, hehe! I will leave ya with some shots from our trip to the zoo. Baby 3 has another photo shoot in just 11 days. Have a great weekend all.

How far along? 9 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: +3 lbs
Maternity clothes? Yes, and no. I have, but don't need to.
Sleep: So far so good, minus at least one trip to the bathroom per night
Best moment this week: Trying on so super cute maternity clothes from a friend
Movement: Nope
Food cravings: Strawberry soda
Gender: Hoping for a princess
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? In
What I miss: Nothing
What I am looking forward to: Our next appointment and some movement
Weekly Wisdom: Getting things off your chest feels good at first, but then reality sets in.


Baby Three

Baby Three is doing well. We got the honor of seeing the blueberry one more time on Monday. The little heart was thumping away at 148. Measurements are catching up, baby was measuring 7w3d so we go a revised due date of September 2nd. So it seems that Fridays will be my weekly increase days. I will be EIGHT weeks on Friday.

As for the Mommy, the belly is popping and the sweet cravings are kicking in. The sickness is VERY rare, and mostly just adversions to foods and smells. When you ask Aaden where the baby is, he will pull down your shirt and point to your boobies, hummm. Those are NOT the baby honey. We think it might be because one of their babysitters has a two month old baby which she breastfeeds, so maybe he connects those to the baby. Who knows? For now it is super funny, we have been correcting him so sometimes he gets it right. Any girl vibes you can spare, send them this way people!

Have I mentioned how truly blessed we are? Not a day goes by that I don't think about it, feel guilty, and hurt for you ladies still struggling. My heart aches for you, but please remember to never ever give up. Good things come to those who wait.


The Tum Tum

Today I am feeling a little green. The boys and I went grocery shopping, the smells in that place were turning my tummy. I was able to get everything on our list and snagged a two litter of cream soda and some gummy worms for me, those two things are the ONLY things that didn't turn the tum tum in the whole store. Upon leaving the store I was SO thirsty. The cream soda was not cold so I stopped through a drive thru and ordered a large strawberry soda... uh can we say YUM! The soda was gone before I got home. Now all I can think about is strawberry soda as I sit here munching on gummy worms.


Christmas Morning (Short Version)

Christmas Morning (Full Version)

My Beauties and a Heart

Yup that's right. We went in for a quick u/s yesterday. We were not scheduled for one for another couple weeks, but on Friday my betas didn't double. They had a doubling time of 60 hours and went up 71%, which we all know is just fine as did the doc, but just to put every ones mind at ease he snuck us in yesterday. There it was, a beautiful little flicker. I am still measuring behind (now 6 days instead of 7), so he will most likely be changing how far along I am. Taking me from 7 weeks back to 6 and changing due date to the very beginning of September.

No post would be complete without some pics of our beauties. These guys are changing and learning so much. They learn new words almost daily and love to mimic things I say. They can now take their plates to the sink, which I might want to re-think because the other night we found a hot wheels car in the garbage disposal. They are OBSESSED with trains. Aaden knows where the trains are kept and points at them and yells "toot toot!" It's all about trains!

They also can now show and tell me when they are hungry or thirsty, which is great, but that Noah Bear is always wanting "cra-aacker!" Oh how they melt my heart.

The DH is starting to get really excited about B3, it's amazing how something you weren't really ready for now feels like the best thing ever. He is so cute talking to baby and talking about changes we will make to make things easier for the Mama and the transition easy on the boys. He has really been stepping up more and helping me out as the exhaustion is starting to set in. I truly love that man.