My Things, Noah Warren, and Much More

Wow, two blog entries in one day, look at me go with all my free time. Just kidding, I still don't have free time, but while the boys were napping I loaded these photos and couldn't resist sharing them sooner rather than later. Enjoy and have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

Mama, I'm tired please get that camera out of my face
Thank you Erin, we love our bibs
His Daddy rocks!
His kitty cuddles!
He plays so hard he falls asleep during mid play

The cutest boys ever!

Aaden says "seriously guys what do you want from me?"
How about that... I'll give you a smile


Words cannot express how truly thankful I am to be where I am today. Last year at this time, I was in the deepest darkest place I have ever ever ever been. We were getting ready to give it our last shot. We were throwing in every last penny of savings, every ounce of hope, and it was a make it or break it deal. I have no idea where I would be this year had IVF #3 not brought us our pair of miracles. I just know things wouldn't have been good, I was no longer strong enough to move forward.

I am thankful for so very much this Thanksgiving. My fantastic husband, my beautiful and healthy sons, my family, my dogs, our jobs, our home, and our future. I am finally excited looking to the future because I know it holds so many fantastic memories to be made.

With this thankful attitude, I am sad. I am sad for those of your still on your journey. Sometimes I don't want to glamorize how wonderful it is to be a Mother because I know how much some of you are hurting (although, I probably lost many of those readers awhile back.) If you are still on your journey, please know I think of you, and I know how hard it is, and know that dreams can come true... and... they might come true, times two.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Aaden Parker

Little Aaden Parker had a photo shoot today done by Mama, sorry Noah yours will be tomorrow. The colors just went so well and he was in a good mood for this first time of the day (he was a cranky butt today), besides Noah had bright green on, that would NOT have went well with that background/blanket. Tomorrow will be your day Noah my little lovey bug!

It is safe to say that little Aaden looks like Mama, in fact I had to do a double take at two of them because they look like they came straight from my baby book. I will see if I can get them from my Mom to scan.


New Tummy Time Mat

Noah is holding his head up so well
Noah looks so much like his Daddy
This is how we get chores done
Little Aaden Parker

The Boys got a new tummy time mat yesterday
Little Aaden giving a smile

Noah and his little chubby cheeks

Our precious pair
Noah Warren