Hudson Sinclair

Someone stole my heart yesterday. How can I already be so in love with this little creature? Here he is.. Mr. Hudson Sinclair.

The boys thought it was pretty cool for the first few minutes, then they were off seeing what kind of trouble they could get into. Looking back I wish I would have taken some video of them saying "baby" and looking at the screen. The "awww baby!" was pretty much priceless. Slowly, but surely they are catching on. We have a baby doll we practice holding and we lay it in Hudson's crib and I carry it around. Aaden is getting it.. Noah well that's another story. Soon enough it will all be real. Just 60 more days!

The Ultrasound tech said that my placenta looked a little more mature than 30 weeks. I go to the docs on Wednesday so she wanted me to be sure I mentioned that to them. Hudson also looked slightly more mature. I have always thought my due date was off by a week. I thought it should be August 26th instead of September 2nd, which would put the c-section at August 19th. Only time will tell. I am fine with the 26th believe me... the more time I can get being a Mom of just two, I will take it.

I began to make my July work schedule today. So surreal that this will be the LAST time I will do this. Well I guess until 2012. I should be on leave around the start of August. I am really looking forward to a few weeks at home with just my two guys. Some days I am SO excited to bring Hudson into the world and bring him home, but then other days I want for nothing more than for him to stay right here in my belly and save me from even more insanity. If only help, babysitters, and housekeepers grew on trees I wouldn't be so nervous.


30 Weeks

How far along? 30 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: +21 lbs
Maternity clothes? Oh yes, and some of them are getting too small
Sleep: Just okay, horrible pelvic and leg pain
Best moment this week: Completing his room and knowing my sugars are okay
Movement: Oh YES, he is a mover and a shaker!
Food cravings: Mustard. Cheddar cheese dipped in mustard, yes don't ask. But at least it is carb free.
Gender: It's a Boy! Although the lady at the grocery store was arguing me telling me it was a girl.
Labor Signs: Some contractions here and there, but nothing big or consistent
Belly Button in or out? In
What I miss: Not much this week, soaking it all in. But I guess I miss ice cream.
What I am looking forward to: Our 3D Ultrasound
Weekly Wisdom: "Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; but remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for" - Epicurus (Thank you Erin)


Busy Busy

Hey it's us.. N&A. Mommy said things are busy busy around our house. So busy that she didn't have time to blog, so we will try to fill ya in.

- Still no babas, and we are okay with it, we don't even ask for them
- We love our Grammy and are calling her by name
- We are talking so so so much, answering questions and can actually carry a little conversation.
- Mommy's camera is in the shop, NO good pictures in the month of June
- Mommy failed her glucose test with a 191 at 1 hr.
- Mommy is watching her carb intake and checking sugars after meals
- Mommy has extreme pelvic pain which has been flowing to legs
- Hudson's room is 90% done and super cute
- Home haircuts = a bad idea
- We are crazy swimmer boys who are in LOVE with the water
- Mommy found us the best life jackets EVER
- We love apples and watermelon and are calling them by name
- We tell Mommy when we are hungry or thirsty
- Aaden always is concerned with No-ey and where he is
- Mommy's pregnancy craving of the week... mustard
- We went on a camping trip and a cabin trip
- On Wednesday nights we go to "Music fun for Pre-schoolers"
- Our Daddy passed a BIG test at work, it won't change much now, but they say that in a year it will help A LOT.
- Mommy has about 5 more weeks of work
- We will most likely start Pre-School 2 days a week in December
- We love love love family time when we get it
- This weekend we plan to see Elmo LIVE thanks to our God-Father and Mommy is going to have her 3D Ultrasound of baby Hudson, we are all very excited about this weekend.

Mommy has been taking pictures on her phone since her camera is in the shop, and we were able to upload them to show you all the fun we have been having. We sure love Summertime!

Loving our bath time and even asking Mommy to take a bath

Aaden using earphone for the first time

Enjoying the lake at the cabin

Exloring the lake with our Grammy

taking a boat ride.. sort of.

Shucking corn.. or eating corn.

A cupcake at Autie Drea's B-day dinner, we love her.

We made a very big mess while Mommy was cleaning out her closet

Sharing means caring

Noah and his nana, he loves ALL fruit

Mommy and Daddy got us a sandbox and we love it!

Cousin Jake's graduation party.. we could get used to these cupcakes

Bowls off to Daddy for passing his big test

We have been swimming nearly every day and love to use our slide to slide into the pool

Mommy and Daddy went to a wedding and Aunt Susie watched us and spoiled us, we love her.

I love ball and can tell you if it's baseball or football. Go Giants!

Our music class!

I love to brush my teeth and after baths I always ask Mommy for "brush"

I love ranch, but I really just love dip. When I say DIP for some reason it comes out POOP, Mommy and Daddy always laugh when I say it.

On Father's Day we took Daddy to a restaurant where he got to hand pick his own steak, he loved it. Then we went and rode the "choo choo" and played around at a nearby kids area. We got him lots of special little gifts, gave him lots of love, and he even gets to go take a Daddy day away to go golfing for the day.

Aaden is sweet as can bee

We love eachother

Needs work, but not bad

Very VERY bad idea Daddy

WE love to SWIM!!!

Apple apple apple, No-ey and his apples.


This is our favorite park, Mommy brings us here lots. Grammy finally got to see it yesterday, now she knows why we love it, well actually why Mommy loves it.

Peek-A-Boo it's US.. the soon to be BIG BROTHERS!

Mommy says that is our old carseat under there.


Rockin' the Bump

Pool time with my favorite set of twins. Bubbies are now 21 months and baby 3 is cooking right along at 29 weeks. 10 weeks from today I will have three boys under the age of TWO!



My name is Tiffany and I have a confession to make... My children still have bottles! *Gasp.. hiss... BOOOOOO! Wait wait wait before you go reporting me to the "Bad Mommy Bureau" let me re-iterate my children still have a 2 oz. bottle of water to go to bed. I got them off milk bottles at 14 months just as a good Mommy should, but NOW I am in the running for Mommy failure of the year for water bottles at 20 months.

Am I ashamed of it? YES! Does it make my children content and happy? YES! Do I want to take them away? Hell to the NO!

This weekend we took them away! The evil villain I am took away the one thing that comforts Aaden more than anything in the world. I ripped away my 20 month olds most prized possession.. his "ba-ba."

Why you ask? Because of you Mommies! You Mommies and your "my kids switched to a cup at 12 months." You Mommies and your "does your pediatrician know he still has a bottle?" And BTW YES my pedi does know they still have bottles and she say NOTHING was wrong with it as long as it was just water. In fact she said it was better for their teeth than a pacifier, which my kids never liked.

Let me just explain this situation a little more. Noah likes the bottle, but he could give or take it. He is doing fine with this situation, although YES bedtime would be MUCH easier if he had it. Aaden on the other hand is IN LOVE with his bottle. He would take it quote "emmpy" that means empty, full, or heck even just the nipple alone. You hand it to him and out he goes to dream land with a sweet smile on his face.

So why again you ask? Because obviously if I am ashamed that they have these things for bedtime it must be wrong. Because obviously if I have Mommies saying these things to me it must be wrong.

Well POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP to you people! You are breaking mine and Aaden's heart. I hate hate hate hate this and I want NOTHING more than to hand my sweet little innocent son his 2 oz. of water in his Ba-ba to go to sleep. BLllllllllllleeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! This is TORTURE!

Please tell me this gets better!!!!!! Oh and we did replace the bottle with a sippy cup with a soft lid which some what helps, but oh so not the same thing. I told him the babas are for baby Hudson and he now gets a big boy bottle, to which I pretty much just get what seems to be some sort of an eye roll and then a sad "baba peasss?"
The new TORTURE baba!