Princess For a Day

Let's face it things are not really about "me" anymore so with my 30th Birthday approaching, all money being spent on the new house, packing and living life with three little boys I didn't expect much for my Birthday, but BOY was I wrong. 

Never in my life has a day been all about me, and let me tell you frankly I needed it!  It has been a rough few months with lots of tears and to be able to see how many people cared about me made all my hard work and rough days feel so worth it.

The Saturday morning before my Birthday at 6 a.m. my Husband woke me up and told me to get in the shower.  Completely confused I did what he said.  My mind began to wonder thinking about the boys soccer class, the dishes in the sink etc.  After the shower he rushed me out and told me to go to my friend Holli's hair salon and bring no money or anything else.  It was 7 a.m. at this time and I was greeted with a Starbucks skinny latte bought by my girlfiend Heather.  Holli proceeded to highlight and cut my hair, then curled it and gave me a beautiful up-do as a gift to me for my Birthday.  I drove home with the wheels in my heard turning.  When I got home the twins were gone at soccer with my Step-Dad and my bedroom had been turned into a store by my Mom with about 25 dresses to try on all in my size.  I started to tear up and realized something special WAS about to happen.  I tried on a few dresses, dolled up and became the princess for the day.

Not long after a limo pulled up to the house and I was greeted with mimosas by four VERY special people.  My two cousins and my amazing friend Drea and her Husband.  My husband was amazing and so thrilled to be showing me a fun day he had planned with no kids all the while constantly telling me how beautiful I looked. 

Our first stop was Peju winery, this tasting was given to us by our accross the street neighbor.  My Husband knowing how frugal I can be made a point of calling in all sorts of favors to help us save money for the day.  We had a blast at Peju and laughed so so hard.

Our next stop was bubbles at Mumm which gave us a half price locals discount.  We shared more laughs and we may or may not have spilled a glass.

Afterwards we headed to Miner, which has special meaning to us.  Many a sad non-baby days were spent here trying to get our mind off of failed IVFs etc.  It is also the winery my Father-in-law used to harvest grapes for. 

My amazing cousin/best friend Susie arranged for us to have a picnic on the balcony complete with my FAVORITE deli sandwich from Soda Canyon Deli along with Cool Ranch Doritos.  I must say I have never had wine with my deli sandwich, but it was CLEAR the day was ALL about me.

Our last stop was at Silverado Vineyards, the stop was hooked up by my awesome Step-Mom and boy were we spoiled there. 

After the tastings we headed back to RC and Andrea's house where I was SHOCKED with a Hawaiian themed surprise party complete with 50 of my closet friends and family and OF COURSE my babies!  Andrea is such an amazing person and rockstar, the decorations were gorgeous and she greeted me with a lei and don't even get me started on her amazing cake baking skills, which I must add was chocolate with raspberries YES something else JUST for me. 

Susie did an amazing job on the food and always goes out of her way to do special things for people, I swear the woman has not ONE selfish bone in her body, I am so thankful for a friend with such a big heart.

The night was magical and I cried A LOT!  For some reason this Birthday made me realize how far we have come, what amazing friends and family we have the shower us with love and support I know that I am a better person having them in my life.

Huge thank you to my AMAZING Husband for making me princess for the day and to my amazing amazing friends Susie and Andrea for making the party possible and always loving me, letting me vent, and being my rocks.  You three people are my everythings and I love you with all my heart.


Not Alone

Tonight I finally realized I wasn't the only one with this thought, tonight in my favorite local Mommies group a Mom mentioned wanting to be in the L&D again.  Weird right?  But it is something I think about ALL the time.  Probably once a week I yearn for L&D.  Food, well wishes, knowing your other kiddos are well taken care of, no cleaning, in control of the remote, away from reality, no cooking and most of all cuddles with one baby and giving him all my attention.  Is it weird I pass our local hospital and want to be pregnant and think "vacation" for four days?  I guess I am not alone if my fellow Mommies are thinking this too.  Can you tell I really need a vacation?


Mail that Makes Your Heart Skip a Beat

I knew this day would come and I kept telling myself that after Hudson we would no longer keep our five frozen babies.  But WHY is it so hard?

Why did I suddenly in vision myself pregnant with a sweet baby girl?  How can one bill make your heart skip a beat?

This is by far going to be one of the hardest decisions in my life, we worked SO hard for those embryos.  They are MINE they would probably hold our longed for baby girl.  But yet financially and to keep my sanity we will most likely not be storing our embryos.

Never did I imagine saying that out loud could make me fall to the floor in tears.  The nurse is supposed to call me back in the next hour to tell me how to proceed.  So sad, so very sad today.


My Life In Numbers

4 - The amount of teeth Hudson has
5 - The amount of owies Aaden has right now
72 - The amount of times Noah says Mommy in a day
14 - The amount of days until my Birthday
30 - The age I will be on my Birthday
11 - The amount of days until we get the keys to our new house
23 - The amount of days until we begin moving
0 - The amount of sanity I have left
16 - The amount of times I have cried this week
72 - The amount of money my new blog has made
27 - The amount of weight I have lost
3 - The amount of pounds I need to lose to reach my 30x30 goal

Now onto what really matters... CUTENESS and introducing... my new niece Lucy and my Dad's puppy Annie!