My NEW Blog

So after some thinking and a couple people mentioning it, I have started a new blog about our weight loss journey.  This blog is dedicated to my miracles so without further ado:

Twins + One, How Mama Got Her Groove Back

Picture Catch Up

 Monkey Boy
 Little Jumper
 Superbowl Snow trip


Yup DH = 35 pounds!
Me = 15 pounds!  Halfway to my 30 pounds by my 30th Birthday goal.  Now the real work begins.  Due to my "new weight" my calorie allowance went down and this next 15 is going to be trickier, but I am up for it and so pleased to have my clothes fit better or wear things I haven't worn in awhile.

We also have MORE exciting news, but STILL not spilling it yet until we are 100% sure it is going to happen.  Today we are 98% sure, but trust me it is a dream come true and VERY VERY exciting.


Overdue Maternity Shots

Recently I realized we never got to see all of the pics from our maternity shoot that my friend Hannah took.   What a fun little surprise to see them now.  Now if this isn't enough to make me want to be pregnant again I am not sure what is, HOWEVER the pure chaos in this house is enough to remind me, that we have way more than we can handle right now.  Things are NEVER dull, always messy, always loud, but always memorable, and ALWAYS fun.  Hudson is for sure starting to join our party.  Folks... it's going to get VERY interesting.