The Challenge

I have officially challenged myself "30 pounds by my 30th Birthday!"  My 30th Birthday is May 24th, which means I have almost four months to lose 21 more pounds.  Can I do it?  Sure I can, but it will be HARD, that is a lot of weight.  It will put me at my pre-twins weight and would allow me to feel oh so confident in myself.  So there it is my HUGE challenge.  My amazing DH is already down 22 pounds, he is such a ROCKSTAR, and I am down 9, which is isn't too shabby, but a long way to thirty.  Ugh!  So there it is people, now help keep my motivated.

No post would be complete without a little picture catch up:

 Cousins on NYE
 Cuddling with Uncle Bailey, poor dog is now blind and deaf, he is 16 years old
 Noah loves the fishy fishy
 Playing around at the cabin

 Hudson Sinclair 4 months old

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Mary said...

Good Luck to you! I too am trying to lose weight. It's a constant struggle, but I just start each day fresh. 9 lbs is a huge amount of weight to lose....be proud! I always look at that meat in the grocery store and I'm like wow! I've lost that much. Keep it up. Slow and steady wins the race.