The Bathroom

Well HELLO world, here I am!  I bet ya thought I fell off the face of the earth?  No... just BUSY!

So much has been changing and happening, but it took a funny story for me to find a minute to be able to sit down and blog.  I have SO much to share, so let's see what I can cram into this tiny bit of ME time.

So on mornings I don't go to work (oh YES work, I am back at it about 13 hours a week) the boys (if not already in bed from the night before... sigh... have I mentioned how much I hate toddler beds?) climb into bed with me and we cuddle and watch Sprout for about 20 minutes or until someone gets down and starts causing some sort of chaos.  Well the other morning things were pretty normal, the twins were in my bed and Baby H was still snoozing in his crib (yes he is STILL an amazing sleeper and also now sleeps in his crib,) I got up and went to the bathroom.  Our room is not very big so when looking for a bassinet for Baby H we searched and searched to find a small one that could fit between our bed and the wall.  On this same wall is the bathroom and the bathroom door which opens outward.  I bet your wheels are starting to turn now... YUP!  So there I was in the bathroom with the door shut and locked so the animals couldn't barge in on me, I hear some noise and laughing which is nothing new.  In the back of my mind I think about the bassinet and the problem that could arise if someone decided to mess around with it, but NAH that's not what is happening...

I brush my teeth, slip on my slippers and open the door.  BAM.. 1/4" is all it will go!  Aaden wheeled the bassinet in front of the door pinning me in the bathroom.  My heart starts pounding and I start screaming, a million things run through my head as I envision my fat ass trying to climb out of the tiny bathroom window or screaming for my neighbor.  Two minutes in and my voice is hoarse from screaming for him to move the thing and Aaden giggles and moves the bassinet back up towards the head of my bed so I can make my way out of the bathroom.  I come out with my hands on my hips and a not very friendly look on my face and there is Aaden with a puppy dog face and as he shrugs his shoulders and says "what Mama?"  Moral of the story is MOVE the damn bassinet or bring your cell phone in the bathroom so you can call someone to save you.

Oh and speaking of my fat ass, it is now 5 pounds lighter.  About a week into the new year DH and I decided something had to give.  We are using an amazing app called My Fitness Pal which helps track your calories and tells you how many you should have per day.  It is EYE OPENING, he is down 15 and we are NEVER looking back.  We want to be healthy and active for our kids and I cannot wait to spend the Summer in my bathing suit swimming and running through the sprinklers with my kids.

So so so much is going on and we might have some exciting new changes coming up.  Please please cross your fingers for us, I am not going to share as I don't want to jinx anything.

I think about blogging ALL the time, but nights are hopeless now with the twins fighting bed time until about 9.  Then from 9 - 10 Hudson has a nice long feeding and cuddle session with Mommy.  My only time anymore is nap time, which is pretty much fully devoted to cleaning up the tornado caused from the morning and doing laundry.  Things are clearly NOT getting any less hectic or easier.  Not a day goes by that I don't want to pull my hair out, BUT not a day goes by that I don't laugh, smile, and feel like I am going to burst from happiness at being the Mommy to these little boys.

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