Crazy Aaden and Cuties

Our crazy boy
Aaden prefers to be under things

Great Grammy bought the boys a drum full of instruments when they walked to Target last week when she was babysitting. They LOVE it!
Noah and Papa Wayne

They LOVE puppets

Aaden trying to get "his" spoon from the dishwasher, boy am I in trouble.

Noah hanging out in the playroom watching television

Both boys are loving their playroom


Our Garden, A Tooth, and Softball

Aaden and Noah hanging out while Mommy and Daddy plant the garden

Daddy busy planting

Noah worn out from
gardening Tomatoes and herbs

See my tooth?

NOW can you see my tooth?

How about now?

Okay, there it is!

I don't have a tooth, but I am still cute

Bell peppers, corn, squash, cucumber, zucchini, watermelon, pumpkin, and strawberries

The boy's first time outside of my belly at the softball fields. I can't tell you how long I have waited for this day. Last year softball, the drive-in, and the doctors were the extent of my travels. I spent many evenings laying in "my chair" watching softball. Ahhhh "my chair," how I miss that chair and laying around doing nothing. I remember people telling me that, I would someday miss bedrest and I used to think, "yea right!" Well.... what I wouldn't give for a day of bedrest. Well, healthy bedrest.

Serena and the boys

Aaden Parker

Aaden checking out the grass

Tegan, Heather's son

Juliana, Heather's daughter


Major Cuteness, a Bath, an Installment, and a Birthday

I told you I would be better this week. I WILL get caught up on pictures this week!
Yes, Noah really does drool that much!
Yam face

Bath time

Belly boy
Noah face
Milk face

Look at those cheeks and that drool

Noah, Aaden, and "Grandma."
This is my good friend Heather's Mom. She was a surrogate Mom for twins, I just love her. She will be called Grandma, since they have a "Grammy" and a "Mima." Heather's kids call my Mom "Grammy."

That's my Heather

Noah prepping his football arm

Chili Cookoff

Noah and my friend Jen
Gabe being installed as "Junior Governor" at the Lodge, yes that is 2nd in charge.
I was installed as the head of youth involvement.

The next "Governor!"

The boys and Grammy on her birthday
Happy Birthday to Grammy, although they liked the balloons a little more