Happy Belated Easter

Here I am with very belated Easter pictures. I promise that this week I will be catching up on pictures, they are loaded, edited, and ready to go. I am going to "try" to blog every day this week.

I had been looking forward to Easter for months and then when the day finally came it wasn't all I had imagined. We had just got home from a long road trip. Mommy, Noah, and Aaden were sick. Aaden was teething and running a fever and it was raining, not just sprinking, but pouring. Even though the scenario wasn't ideal, it was still a great and memorable day.
Teething Aaden cuddling with Mommy.
Noah loving his Mommy
Easter baskets

The Easter bunny came!

Noah likes Serena's hair
The cousins

Serena Hope
Noah & Grammy
A sicky Aaden and Great-Aunt Lisa

Hey, Nino see my toes?
Aaden's Godfather gives him a little get well kiss
Noah cuddling with Gianna Rose
Noah and Mary Margaret

Mary Margaret and Aaden
Poor Aaden didn't feel good :-(


Meant to be a mom said...

Sorry to hear about the sickness and the teething. No fun! But if it makes you feel any better your boys look absolutely precious as always in these Easter pics. I love the little button up shirts. So cute.

Hernandez Clan said...

Oh so sad. BUT the easter bunny was probably glad to finallybe able to visit your house :) sick kids or not!

We miss you guys.