And They're Off!

In just a matter of days things have changed so much in our house. The boys are MOBILE! VERY mobile, more so Aaden than Noah. Aaden has learned how to army crawl and get himself wherever he wants. Where does he want to go you might ask? Towards anything that he shouldn't! He isn't as interested in his toys as you might think, but boy does he like magazines, shoes, wires, and hiding under things. He no longer wants to be held much, and instead reaches towards the ground when you hold him.

In the last couple days he has managed to destroy a Cooking Light magazine (along with Noah's help), climb under the recliner and find a bracelet and a hair ball, almost pull my camera down from the desk while I was "trying" to load pictures, pull over a stool on himself while I was on the phone with Susie, start the mini vac while I was on the phone with our mortgage company, and play hide-and-seek under the exersaucer and jumperoo. Needless to say, some major baby proofing is going on in our house.

I found this pen type thing on craigslists that can be made into a square or spread across a room. The owner is also a Mother of twins and said it was a great help, so it should be in my possession soon.

As for Noah he is probably another week off and may in fact skip the army crawl. He is up on all fours bouncing around trying to figure out how to move forward. For some reason he can move backwards, but not yet forwards. Where did my BABIES go?

I have to add in this cute little Noah habit. Noah is a sleeper, a GREAT sleeper. Thank you my Noah bear for that. He has that two great things he does, #1 while in this highchair eating dinner he shakes his head back and forth, at first we thought he was doing "no-no-no" because Aaden does, but nope he was trying to keep himself awake and most days he fails quite miserably. #2 is a running joke in our house, Gabe and I both copy him. He does this thing, again trying to keep himself awake where he lays on his back and lifts both legs up and then slams them back down. He does this over and over about 5 times. It cracks us up. Sometimes at 1 a.m. I hear his legs slamming against the crib mattress and I can't help, but laugh. Every morning when he is waking up that is what you hear. So now... of course as a joke when Gabe and I are going to bed we both slam our legs up and down. Ah Noah how we love you.

Aaden's tooth is getting huge and I think #2 might be coming soon. I now have pictures of the tooth and of course pictures and videos of all this action, but just can't find the time to get them loaded. I hope to soon!

Take care all and a special hug and prayer to Tammy, I think of you often my friend.


Kami said...

Tiff, I can't believe they are mobile!! Oh my gosh! Our babies are growing way too fast!! I can't wait to see pics and videos!!

Love you Tammy!!!


Anonymous said...

My LO does what Noah does...I thought it was a no, no, no thing too but your conclusion makes SO much more sense!! And the leg thing...does that too! Thanks for figuring it out for me! LOL!

Meant to be a mom said...

Wow, I only have 1 and I can't even begin to imagine two doing all those things. I'm glad they are good though. You'll have to upload a pic of the tooth, I'm interested. I keep thinking Cooper will bust one through any day and then NOPE NOTHING!
Poor kid will be slobbery forever :)

Anonymous said...

wow. my kids are only a little younger than yours, they're getting close. i feel like it could happen any day!! i agree, though. it's bittersweet. they can now move, but where are the cuddly little babies?? :)