Today my amazing husband topped out at work.  It was a goal he has been striving for for years, after many classes and college certificates and years of service today my husband topped out as a grade three waste water operator.  

He started working in the fields with no certificates at all and today here he is in the plant as a top operator. 

10 years ago when he started, this was the goal and today here he is busting his butt for us. I got that excited text and pic showing the change in pay and position and was proud and happy for him and knew this was our end goal.

A couple hours later he began texting me more explaining he wants more, or may want more in a few years.

He doesn't want to be done and top out as an operator. I smiled to myself and got that silly laugh inside and was proud and giddy. It's GO time. My job as always is to support HIM as much as he supports us. 

The Daddy wants to go back to school! College here comes the strongest most awesome Daddy ever ready to take on whatever and work towards upper management. Maybe slow but here he goes ready to keep his career moving and showing his boys what hard work is all about. 

My boys might be my lights of my life, but my Gabe is the power to our lights. Way corny, but recently I have seen too many relationships fail and I am thankful for where we are, what we work through and how we work as a team to stay #teamsnook hahahha



Dear Hudson Sinclair,

It is hard to believe it has been two years that you have been a part of our family.  You my dear have made many of those around yous life a better place.  Your smile melts us all and makes us better people.  It was hard to imagine I could ever love anyone as much as your Brothers, but I surely do and I tear up just thinking about it.  You my sweet voiced beautiful son are the very best miracle surprise ever.  You always make me laugh with the silly things you say and your spunk always keeps me on my toes.  I love hearing your little voice learn new words every day.  You are such a sweet little Brother who always wants to be in on what your big brothers do.  That is why we call you "me-me!"  Don't worry my little Buddy Mommy won't leave you out.  But hey could you stop coming into my room at 6:30 AM every single morning like clock work saying "HI MOMMY!"  I know you are pro at escaping your crib, but we all need a little rest.  I love you to the moon and back my angelic voiced completion.  Not a day goes by that I don't thank God for you EVEN when I am pulling my hair out.  Happy 2nd Birthday my me-me honey honey Hudson, keeper of my heart.  I will love you always and forever and ever.


Finally a day ALL for Me-Me and a special present.  He woke to Mommy and Brothers singing him happy Birthday.  Then we ate french toast and cantaloupe.  We played around for a bit until Grammy came over where he was spoiled with a talking elmo stuffed animal and more. 

Then we were off to the teacup park for play time and McDonald's chicken nuggets, apples, and milk.

We ended the perfect day enjoying BBQed pizza in the back yard with close friends and family where Hudson was surprised with his OWN toy.  A ride on Thomas the Train.  No Birthday would be complete without cake and a fun video.