Dear IRS,

I highly dislike you! You rained on our vacation parade, and my financial plan for the next few months. You have taught me to never depend on a refund and taught me that yes owning a home does make a difference in your tax filing situation. Boo to you, boo to you "trying" to cancel our vacation, boo to the LARGE check I must write to you, my accountant, and the State of California. Boo to you for making me think we would be able to pay off our $4,000 in medical bills and take a much deserved vacation with our little bugs. Just BOO BOO BOO! Well guess what IRS you DO NOT win! We are still going on vacation because it will be our first and last as a family of four and we will HIGHLY regret it someday if we don't do it. Thankfully we had some savings we could dip into that we will work hard to restore soon and as for the medical bills we have set up a payment plan to hopefully have them paid off just before Hudson comes. So HA, you don't win and next year you will not surprise me and we will have one more child deduction.. so... take that!

Your Least Favorite Fan



Heartbeat 150 and music to my ears. Cervix is measuring 3.2, which is fantastic, little guy's feet were kicking my cervix in the ultrasound, sadly that is all I got to see of him this time. Still NO restrictions and next appointment scheduled for 5 weeks from now.

In N&A news we got to spend some much needed time together last week while we all had a little cold. Noah is becoming a Mommies boy more and more everyday and the vocabulary on both of them is FASCINATING me. Socks, shoes, jacket, down, NO to MANY questions, eat, bite, juice, milk, the list of words is now too much to name. But I will say the cutest is when Aaden calls Noah by name or yells for him. Or when he has poopoo and while changing him says "ewwww!"

The countdown to vacation is on and much to our surprise my Dad and his Girlfriend just happen to be on the same flight to us going to visit my Grandpa for the weekend. So we will have some flight buddies and have planned to all go to the zoo together the 2nd day.


A Name...



Middle name is my Dad's and little Brother's middle name and my Grandma's Maiden name.

At first Gabe and I were not on the same page, then after 30 minutes of reading every name on the top 500 lisit and HIGHLY avoiding anything in the top 10 he had Hudson and Jameson on his list. After that we threw around Jameson for a bit and he texted my Mother In Law whom liked Hudson over Jameson, and that was that. We were able to surprise my Dad at his Birthday dinner with the name. Not a dry eye in the house. So very blessed.


15 Weeks

How far along? 15 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: +6 lbs
Maternity clothes? Yes
Sleep: Okay, but not liking the side sleeping
Best moment this week: Knowing that baby and cervix are well
Movement: YES!
Food cravings: Raisin bran, potato salad and cherry lemonade
Gender: It's a Boy
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? In
What I miss: My energy
What I am looking forward to: Picking out bedding and a car seat cover, #1 cover pic is below
Weekly Wisdom: Yes, we might be missing out on a little Princess, but this Prince is going to bless our life so very much. The three boys will have such a truly amazing bond, and what matters most is that he is healthy.

Little man's anticipated car seat cover. How cool is it that he can use a hand me down car seat, which is going to look complete different? Next up bedding, which I think we are 99% set on. It will be a cowboy theme as well. Yeeehhawww!


There's This Guy...

There's this guy...
Noah & Aaden call him Daddy,
Many call him a friend or a cousin,
A couple call him a Son,
But I just call him Honey,
He is my Husband of six years.

We have been through many up and downs, some of those happening in the last six months. Not a day goes by that he doesn't make me laugh. He is always there to tell me it's going to be okay even when I have melt downs over becoming a Mom of three. He always reassures me that we can do it, and that it's going to be a challenge, but the rewards are so great.

In the not so distant past we overcame some hurdles, without going into details lets just say that he had a little too much on his plate. He spent a little too much time out of the house and on guy trips. While the three of us at home really needed him for the every day stuff like picking up from daycare, helping with baths, packing lunches, chores, or just family fun time.

Well I am happy to report that times they are a changing. Hubby is back and better than ever. He has been such a big help around the house and with the boys and being sure we set aside lots of family time, and we even planned a vacation for just our family of four, which we have not yet done.

He still makes time for his hobbies, just not as often, and still volunteers, but that too just not as often. I am so honored that this guy... is my husband and the Father to my three boys. I couldn't ask for anything more.. except for maybe him to give me the okay to use my pick for baby #3's name. Hehehehe.


Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!

Yes that's right baby is a BOY. Well 90% sure baby is a boy, but well with a boy they are RARELY wrong. If it's there, it's there. And BOY was it there.

I am not going to lie to you and tell you we were over the moon with the finding, are we blessed? Heck yes! BUT yes to complete our little family a girl would have been our wish.

None the less after getting used to the idea I am quite fond of our new little man. Yes, I am crushed I will not have a daughter to braid her hair, paint her nails, or take her to ballet class, BUT we are going to have three boys that are going to have such an amazing bond and I am going to be the Queen of the house. Not to mention this is going to save us a TON of money. Little man will always have hand me downs and he is already set. Which is great, but also sort of sad that he will rarely have anything new and the finding doesn't call for any shopping.

All in all what really matters is that the baby is healthy and my cervix was good, which was the case. Baby was measuring ahead at 15 weeks. We might have another due date change on our hands.

Here is baby's first item and his big brothers got shirts as well that match. Now onto talking getting DH to go along with the one of the two boy names I have in mind. This is the 2nd time I have had my girl name taken away by an ultrasound, remember when Addyson Marguerite turned into Aaden Parker, well now Emmerson May is about to be replaced.

Let the organization begin.. time to do some sorting of the boys old things and decide if all will be sticking around. We decided to splurge and get baby boy new bedding and a new infant car seat so not everything will be hand me downs for the poor guy. He will also need some furniture and while looking for a dresser and changing table we discovered that just buying a set with crib, dresser, and changing table is pretty much the same price as buying just the two. So hopefully he will be getting an espresso colored bedroom set if we can swing it and the boys cribs will go up on Craigslist after we get them into toddler beds.