There's This Guy...

There's this guy...
Noah & Aaden call him Daddy,
Many call him a friend or a cousin,
A couple call him a Son,
But I just call him Honey,
He is my Husband of six years.

We have been through many up and downs, some of those happening in the last six months. Not a day goes by that he doesn't make me laugh. He is always there to tell me it's going to be okay even when I have melt downs over becoming a Mom of three. He always reassures me that we can do it, and that it's going to be a challenge, but the rewards are so great.

In the not so distant past we overcame some hurdles, without going into details lets just say that he had a little too much on his plate. He spent a little too much time out of the house and on guy trips. While the three of us at home really needed him for the every day stuff like picking up from daycare, helping with baths, packing lunches, chores, or just family fun time.

Well I am happy to report that times they are a changing. Hubby is back and better than ever. He has been such a big help around the house and with the boys and being sure we set aside lots of family time, and we even planned a vacation for just our family of four, which we have not yet done.

He still makes time for his hobbies, just not as often, and still volunteers, but that too just not as often. I am so honored that this guy... is my husband and the Father to my three boys. I couldn't ask for anything more.. except for maybe him to give me the okay to use my pick for baby #3's name. Hehehehe.

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