Dear IRS,

I highly dislike you! You rained on our vacation parade, and my financial plan for the next few months. You have taught me to never depend on a refund and taught me that yes owning a home does make a difference in your tax filing situation. Boo to you, boo to you "trying" to cancel our vacation, boo to the LARGE check I must write to you, my accountant, and the State of California. Boo to you for making me think we would be able to pay off our $4,000 in medical bills and take a much deserved vacation with our little bugs. Just BOO BOO BOO! Well guess what IRS you DO NOT win! We are still going on vacation because it will be our first and last as a family of four and we will HIGHLY regret it someday if we don't do it. Thankfully we had some savings we could dip into that we will work hard to restore soon and as for the medical bills we have set up a payment plan to hopefully have them paid off just before Hudson comes. So HA, you don't win and next year you will not surprise me and we will have one more child deduction.. so... take that!

Your Least Favorite Fan

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Lori B. said...

Haha! This is hilarious and I just filed my taxes today and was literally thinking the EXACT same thing. We are currently undergoing our 1st IVF and with the medical expenses and hopefully a child next year, I'm hoping they will turn around and give us money next year :-)