22 Down 17 To Go

How far along? 22 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: +14 lbs
Maternity clothes? Yes
Sleep: Better than average
Best moment this week: Knowing that baby and cervix are well
Movement: YES! LIKE CRAZY!
Food cravings: Anything with cinnamon or BANANA PEPPERS
Gender: ALL BOY!
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? In
What I miss: My energy
What I am looking forward to: Decorating baby boy's room
Weekly Wisdom: Love each of your children equally and cherish each and every moment, time moves much too fast.



I have come to the conclusion that my sons are BRILLIANT! Yes, yes I sure think they are.

Noah he knows how to work it.. knows how to change the station on the TV when he doesn't like something, knows how to put a puzzle together, and how to say "please" and smile to get almost anything he wants. Not to mention a nice little vocab.

Aaden well that kid has an arm. He can can throw, kick, and putt like nobody's business. Tonight the T-Ball comes out for the first time. And the vocab on that kid is just insane. How does he even know some of these words, he is such a sponge. Keys, ball, ewwww, yucky, backpack, thank you, bite, yeah, yahoo, where did sissy go, daddy at work, bye bye Mama, thank you Noah, here you go Noah, love you, night night. I could go on and on. He seriously is one smart cookie.

Yes, yes our children are gifted. hehe.


Ultrasound Update

Baby H's ultrasound went well, although I must admit I was extremely disappointed. Not in the findings, but in the choice I made to have the ultrasound done in my OBs office. I knew better when I agreed to it. I had the option of having it done in the hospital or down at UCSF and for convenience I chose to just stay in town. BIG MISTAKE! Now don't get me wrong OBVIOUSLY most important was that baby looked healthy and all was well, however the supposed to be thorough ultrasound (Boys was 1.5 hours) lasted all of about 5 minutes. No finger or toe counting and NO cute pictures to go home with. Yes it is petty, but it was yet another thing that seemed to be missing from this pregnancy. Ah such it is. DH knowing I was upset mentioned that maybe in 10 weeks or so we could get a 3D ultrasound, which we probably normally wouldn't splurge for. But it seems a little splurge needs to be made on baby H. I still have a Christmas check I haven't cashed so maybe we could use that.

Now onto the deets: Blood pressure was good, weight good at +13 Lbs. My cervix was measuring at FOUR! Can you believe that? Average is 3.5 and last visit was 3.2. I still can't believe that. As of now if looks like I may have no bedrest and still I have NO restrictions on running around like a crazy woman chasing after two munchkins. Hudson's weight was around 1 lb. 1 oz. and he was measuring at 22 weeks. Oh and yes he was still a boy, not that I really thought it would change. All in all the appointment news was fantastic, the experience not so much. I go back in 6 weeks for a HB check, cervix check, and lab slips for the glucose test. I cannot believe we are only about 2 weeks from viability.

Being 100% sure of babies sex we will move forward on his room. His room is about 90% cleared out and playroom has been merged with boys room. Their room is now a Thomas the Train Theme.

We are pretty sure Hudson's room is going to be a cowboy theme. My Dad has offered to purchase him a furniture set (what a lifesaver) and we would only need to buy him a mattress (unless Mr. Rian goes to a big bed before August, hehe.)

If we do indeed go with the cowboy theme this is the bedding I am eyeing. My Mom has offered to purchase this for little man (again another lifesaver.)

Since I was give away happy we will need to borrow or buy some things, but thankfully we have a lot of clothes and friends who have given us more hand me downs. Not quite sure what I was thinking when I got rid of our bathtub, exersaucer, infant carseats, bassinet, and our highchairs. Thankfully I should be able to get a carseat back and borrow a bassinet and bathtub. Other than that we are pretty set minus some curtains and a large area rug we need for the room along with some basics i.e. socks, onsises, and jammies. Wow what a plus it is to have tons of blankies, a swing, some toys, a breastpump, bottles, a bouncer, and a ton of clothes still saved from the boys.

Things are becoming more real and VERY exciting!


Easter 2011

Today was one of those days I wish I could bottle up. Today was a great day, I am so very blessed. Today was one of those days where numerous times I smiled at my boys and my life and couldn't believe they were mine and no one was coming later in the day to pick them up. I am their Mommy, they belong to us and life is so good. I am happy to report I am feeling WAY better. As in 95% better, still worried for the future, but feeling WAY better and the panic attacks are gone. As my DH said "you are THE BEST Mommy ever!!!" So I am going to believe him and I believe that I am going to continue to be the best Mommy and be an amazing Mommy to all three of my boys. Tomorrow is our 20 week ultrasound, although yes I am 21.5 weeks. Feeling kicks like crazy and even a set of hiccups. Mr. H is growing growing as in my belly. I am SO excited to see him, although I am sorta kinda hoping that his penis fell off! Just saying.

Easter was great, we couldn't be everywhere we wanted to, which seems to happen almost every holiday. We decided to stay in town and have brunch at my Dad's and then lunch/dinner out at DH's Grandma's house. Thankfully we were able to have my Mom come out and join us at that event for N&A's FIRST EVER EASTER EGG HUNT.

We painted eggs over at my cousin's house on Friday, which was pretty fun letting them go crazy. They were spoiled as always getting THREE different Easter baskets. One from The Easter Bunny of course and another from my Mom and My Grandma. Baby H even got a basket from Grammy (My Mom) complete with a hat and sunglasses. I think this was little man's first gift.


Thank You

A HUGE thank you to those of you who sent me emails or contacted me on g-chat. You all made me feel better and not so alone in what I am feeling. I have yet to really talk to anyone other than a couple people in real life about this. I feel stupid for even feeling like this, and I feel ungrateful. While TTC I always wondered how anyone with a kids could be sad, or could be unhappy. It was all I ever wanted, so now that I am here I don't know how to take feeling like this. So... I plaster on a smile and tread forward. Of course the doctor and DH know, I sort of mentioned it to my Mom, and a co-worker, and of course Drea is always around to let me vent and cheer me up (thanks for that BTW.)

My rest of yesterday went much better. Once the boys woke up, I decided to plaster a smile on my face, ignore the stuff that had to be done (although I got a lot done during naps, which helped my mood as well), and just enjoy my boys. We played and played in the backyard with pop up tents, which I hadn't pulled out since their 1st birthday party. Then we came in and they played in the playroom while I made spaghetti. We ate messy spaghetti then topped it off with chocolate ice cream. We had baths, then played trains for an hour until Daddy came home to tuck them snug in their beds.

All in all, I am feeling a lot better thanks to you guys and just ignoring some of what I am feeling. Today is day two of thyroid medicine, hoping by this weekend I start to notice a difference. I will leave you with a couple of videos from yesterday. If anything can make me smile, it's these two. And for those of you who don't have 13 minutes to watch the video from our vacation (don't blame you), I have posted a handful of my favorite pictures. Okay, okay a VERY large handful because I just couldn't decide I love them all so much. And YES I know they are way out of order, but don't have the time to fix the order. I tried once, but still they came over out of order.