I have come to the conclusion that my sons are BRILLIANT! Yes, yes I sure think they are.

Noah he knows how to work it.. knows how to change the station on the TV when he doesn't like something, knows how to put a puzzle together, and how to say "please" and smile to get almost anything he wants. Not to mention a nice little vocab.

Aaden well that kid has an arm. He can can throw, kick, and putt like nobody's business. Tonight the T-Ball comes out for the first time. And the vocab on that kid is just insane. How does he even know some of these words, he is such a sponge. Keys, ball, ewwww, yucky, backpack, thank you, bite, yeah, yahoo, where did sissy go, daddy at work, bye bye Mama, thank you Noah, here you go Noah, love you, night night. I could go on and on. He seriously is one smart cookie.

Yes, yes our children are gifted. hehe.

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Helene said...

I'll admit I was thrilled when Cole figured out how to work the tv remote because that meant I didn't have to continuously change channels for them. He even knows how to change the input so he and the other kids can play the Wii. I'm convinced he's a genius, too!!