Easter 2011

Today was one of those days I wish I could bottle up. Today was a great day, I am so very blessed. Today was one of those days where numerous times I smiled at my boys and my life and couldn't believe they were mine and no one was coming later in the day to pick them up. I am their Mommy, they belong to us and life is so good. I am happy to report I am feeling WAY better. As in 95% better, still worried for the future, but feeling WAY better and the panic attacks are gone. As my DH said "you are THE BEST Mommy ever!!!" So I am going to believe him and I believe that I am going to continue to be the best Mommy and be an amazing Mommy to all three of my boys. Tomorrow is our 20 week ultrasound, although yes I am 21.5 weeks. Feeling kicks like crazy and even a set of hiccups. Mr. H is growing growing as in my belly. I am SO excited to see him, although I am sorta kinda hoping that his penis fell off! Just saying.

Easter was great, we couldn't be everywhere we wanted to, which seems to happen almost every holiday. We decided to stay in town and have brunch at my Dad's and then lunch/dinner out at DH's Grandma's house. Thankfully we were able to have my Mom come out and join us at that event for N&A's FIRST EVER EASTER EGG HUNT.

We painted eggs over at my cousin's house on Friday, which was pretty fun letting them go crazy. They were spoiled as always getting THREE different Easter baskets. One from The Easter Bunny of course and another from my Mom and My Grandma. Baby H even got a basket from Grammy (My Mom) complete with a hat and sunglasses. I think this was little man's first gift.

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Helene said...

The pics are adorable!!!! So glad to hear you all had a wonderful Easter!

Your boys remind me so much of Garrett and Landon. Garrett is blonde-haired, blue-eyed and Landon is brown-haired, brown-eyed...people have a hard time believing they're twins, as if there is no such thing as fraternal twins.