Hudson's 1st Birthday

That's right folks our little guy has turned one year old! After months of planning I must say his party went well.  I was a little sad how a few things turned out, but after some tears I realized that I cannot force people to care about my child nor control their actions. 

So onwards and upwards Hudson was surrouded by some fun, caring, and amazing people who all helped to celebrate his big day and made it very special.  A giant thank you to Ashley at www.signazon.com who contacted me and created a free banner for Hudson's special day. Check them out, the banner turned out amazing as did the whole party.

Can't wait to party it  up again in few weeks for my twins.


I have these three boys, the pretty much stole my heart.  They pretty much complete me, and they pretty much made my dreams come true.  I couldn't imagine a day without your smiling faces by my side.... well a Mommy Daddy weekend trip would be nice, but that's okay your smiles make each day worth it.  

I never ever knew a love like this before and I promise you sweet boys I will always protect you, always be here for you, will always let you know how much you are loved, how proud of you I am, and will always teach you right from wrong.

Knowing you boys made my life brighter, kissing you boys makes my day, and your I love yous melt my heart.

These boys have answered every prayer, made me wish for Mommy time more, but have made me smile for the last three years straight.

These boys know just what buttons to push, and just how to kiss me to make my heart melt.

Dear Aaden Parker,
I cannot believe you are almost three years old.  You are so energetic and adventurous and always want to be a part of what is going on.  You are my little helper, errand runner, and my go getter.  You love everything sports and anything for boys.  Your blue eyes and blonde hair will make the ladies swoon.  You are my big eater who love to do things all on his own.  You have become such a good big brother, I am so proud of the boy you have become, always opening doors and saying thank you and you are learning to respect your Mommy so much, thank you for that my sweet boy.  Please remember I will always love you Aaden.

Dear Hudson Sinclair Snook,
It is hard to believe that in ten days you will be one year old.  It seems like just yesterday I held your perfect little face in my hands and welcomed you into our already crazy family.  You may not have been fully planned, but you are the final piece that filled my heart and made it feel complete.  You are such a sweet boy who is quickly learning how to get what you want.  Your snorty little smile is so contagious and melts me everyday.  Each morning I cannot wait to go into your room to get you from your crib to be greeted with your wave, bounce, and smile.  I cherish our little afternoon stretch alone and often wonder what we would do without you.  You my sweet boy will always be the best surprise I ever got.  This year went so fast and while I wish we had more one on one time please know Mommy is doing her very best and I always will.  I will always do my best for you Hudson and I will always love you.

Our little adventurous boys

The snorty smile that melts my heart

The missing piece to our puzzle, my sweet boy.

Our little Cowboys getting ready to turn THREE

They love him so much, it was only a matter of time.

My life... end of story.

Our little sock monkey

Dear Noah Warren,
There is NO doubt you are Mommy's boy and you tell me daily.  I love our cuddles, your sweet kisses, your relaxed manner, and your love for animals, books, puzzles, and movies.  You know how to throw a tantrum to get my blood to boil, but you also know how to kiss me and melt me with your sweet little voice.  Noah Warren I know how much you look up to me and I promise I will do my best to be a good Mommy and teach you what is right and wrong and show you what life is all about.  Remember no matter what you are stuck with me and I will love you always.

For my boys....

Always express your emotions because bottling them up eventually makes a person explode
Say "ladies first," hold doors open for women, and give your date the jacket off your back

Put the toilet seat down after you pee, learn to clean, cook, and help with laundry

Remember to channel energy through sports, art, music — whatever your passion may be

 Even the biggest fight should be settled with the mind rather than fists, but don't be afraid to defend yourself

Please and thank you go a long way, so does a thank you note or a random gesture

 Not following the group doesn't make you a loser, but a leader

Stick up for what is right and what you believe in.  Never be afraid to say what is on your mind, but always think before you speak

You have the power to make an amazing difference in life and be anything you want to be
Smiles and compliments are free so be generous with them

Your Mother will always love you and will always be here for you and remember to someone you are everything