Hi All

Hi Blog fans, it's me Noah Warren. Mommy is VERY busy, but wanted me to fill you in.
We went to a movie in the park and Aaden got to play with a car
while I got stuck with this baby rattle
So, I took the car from Aaden and he was sad
Sassy, Carina, Auntie Drea, and Mommy went to see Justin Beiber
They got to sit in a private suite
Mommy and Daddy went wine tasting in a limo for their friend Jen's Birthday
Mommy has lots more pictures, but as usual, no time to load them. We had a great visit with Mima and were able to go up to the lake with our cousins. Mima even babysat us so Mommy and Daddy could take a much needed date night. Mom said to tell ya that she promises to post more pictures and video soon. Guess what? We are going on our first camping trip in a few days. Mom is worried because we will be crawling around in the dirt, but I am excited to crawl in the dirt! Oh, Aaden says "hi!" Oh and another guess what again.... Auntie Monica moved back to California from Arizona and she has our new cousin Jayson in her belly.


This Job is Hard

Dear Internet,

I need more time and energy in my day. This Mom thing is harder than I thought. Not really being the Mom, I love that, and spending time with my boys I totally love that too, but I am starting to despise all the things that take me away from them.

You know... the organizing, the worry, going to work, the bill paying, packing diaper bags, house cleaning, yard work, dealing with the dogs (one of which BTW jumped on the counter and ate my breakfast this morning), making sure gifts are bought for events and B-days, cleaning high chairs and washing sheets, grocery shopping, packing lunches, house paperwork, cooking dinner, trying to get myself and the boys out of the house on work days on time, planning, and laundry.

I finally broke down yesterday. We were driving in the car and I just started crying to Gabe. I am such a cry baby, I need to learn to suck it up. My body and mind ache by the time I get into bed at night. My mind is going all the time. I make lists like nobodies business on my phone just to try to be able to fall asleep. The fear of moving is really starting to set in. I am getting really anxious about moving, and not a good anxious, but a worried anxious. All the address changes, packing, unpacking, decorating, the fear of how I will get packing done with the two little munchkins who are at most times at my feet.

Is it wrong to wish for two hours all alone in the house? Is that weird? Does that make me a horrible Mother? I am spent, and while maybe I shouldn't be putting this all out there I am! I love my little boys more than life it self, but crap this job is hard! Sometimes I want to just sit on the couch and watch a movie for two hours, but if I sit down I feel guilty because I know all the stuff I should be doing.

I think much of this is stemming from not having an at home day with the boys. I haven't had a day at home in two weeks. I need those days, they get me caught up on stuff around the house and give me time to relax with the Bubs. Next alone day is hopefully set for the 30th of July. For now, I will pull myself up just like I did last night and push push through the things that need to get done. Knowing the 30th is coming and an evening glass of wine or two will keep me going.

Horrible Mother of Twins

P.S. This job is hard, but the rewards are amazing. I will leave you with a video of Aaden's newest trick. So very proud of my little man!


4th of July Weekend and a Vent

Guess what? We have an offer! An ALL cash offer at that. Get this... if they did need a loan for the price they offered their mortgage payment would be $1,266, which is $2,134 LESS than we are paying every month for the same stinkin' house... lucky dogs! That just baffles me, oh well you win some you lose some. Hopefully when we go to buy again in two years we will be lucky dogs too! Now we wait for the bank to approve it. If they approve it soon we are still looking at having a decent credit score, so hopefully we can buy again sooner rather than later. The buyers wanted a move in date of July 15th, haha. That is NOT going to happen. We are still negotiating on the move in date, it also depends on how long the bank takes to agree.

In other news, The Hernandez Clan is here and we are loving it! We had a fantastic 4th of July weekend and Aaden has new tricks. He now waves and says "hi ya!" He also has this new silly tongue thing where sticks it out to the side and wiggles it around. He can also call himself "Day-Day!"

Noah is crawling up a storm and Aaden will be walking VERY soon. Noah is a babbler and I melt when he crawls to my feet and cries "Mama!"or "Baba Mama!" We are taking swim lessons and Noah is an overachiever in the water. He is the star of the class, kicking, blowing bubbles, and putting his face in the water. I will post some pictures soon of that.

So the below pictures are all out of order for some reason, I could take the time to fix them, but nah you can just deal with it because I just don't have time. I have taken charge of two fundraising projects and am in charge of an activities night at our Moose Lodge this month. Why might you ask? Because I am clearly INSANE! Swim lessons four nights a week and THREE huge projects, along with oh... my job, taking care of twins, submitting boat loads of paperwork for the house, keeping the house clean at all times for showings, being a wife, taking care of four animals, a yard, keeping food in the house, and dinner on the table, and doing laundry. I can no longer sleep at night because so much is running through my head. I am hoping after the 14th things will die down a little, but then the packing and moving will begin. How on earth can I pack and move with twins? I can't even empty the dishwasher or type an email when they are awake? I think I might be calling in some MAJOR babysitting favors. Oh what I wouldn't give to have the money to hire movers. Ya know the kind that pack everything up and mark the boxes, load it and move it. Ah, a girl can dream can't she?
Pool time
Our Farmer

Mommy and Day-Day
Noah's first view of fireworks July 3rd
Our tomatoes
Day Day dancing
Aaden and Grammy on the 4th of July
Happy 4th of July
Noah watch the fireworks
Fireworks, fireworks!

4th of July at the parade
Duckface Sassy Sissy and Aaden on the 3rd
Daddy and Aaden watching on the 3rd
The male part of The Hernandez Clan playing around in our backyard

Happy 3rd of July
Auntie Heather and Noah
Sassy and Day Day
Pumpkins, I am SO sad we won't be around to harvest them
Our family on the 3rd of July

Crazy Aaden
Chips at Grammy's house

Who needs right shoes?


A Picture Catch Up

Seriously Mom?
In case you didn't believe me about the desk
Sassy Sissy and Aaden
Noah Bug
My three favorite boys
Daddy and his boys
Why yes, that is dog food on his face. GROSS!

Happy Birthday Papa Wayne

Susie, Lily, & Serena

Our laundry
Father's Day at the golf course

A tub full of twins
Logan & Colton

Enjoying Daddy's band