Hi All

Hi Blog fans, it's me Noah Warren. Mommy is VERY busy, but wanted me to fill you in.
We went to a movie in the park and Aaden got to play with a car
while I got stuck with this baby rattle
So, I took the car from Aaden and he was sad
Sassy, Carina, Auntie Drea, and Mommy went to see Justin Beiber
They got to sit in a private suite
Mommy and Daddy went wine tasting in a limo for their friend Jen's Birthday
Mommy has lots more pictures, but as usual, no time to load them. We had a great visit with Mima and were able to go up to the lake with our cousins. Mima even babysat us so Mommy and Daddy could take a much needed date night. Mom said to tell ya that she promises to post more pictures and video soon. Guess what? We are going on our first camping trip in a few days. Mom is worried because we will be crawling around in the dirt, but I am excited to crawl in the dirt! Oh, Aaden says "hi!" Oh and another guess what again.... Auntie Monica moved back to California from Arizona and she has our new cousin Jayson in her belly.


Angelwingsbaby said...

Cute post! I can't believe how big they are getting! They are just adorable, can't wait to see the rest of your pics.Sounds like a fun time :-)

Mama Tina said...

Hi Noah Warren, it's me "Mima" just wanted to tell you what special little boys you and Aaden Parker are. I had so much fun with you last week. I loved it when you would both crawl side by side towards me then pull yourselves up by pulling on my clothes then just stand there and smile and giggle. Watching the way you interact with each other :) letting me know when it was time for a baba, then following me to the kitchen half crying and saying baba, baba, until I finally got both made. Noah's silly deep little laugh when he finally got his baba was priceless. bathing you in the kitchen sink one by one (hey , it worked for me :) smelling two sweet just bathed babies was unbelievable. You fussed a bit before falling asleep (just like Mommy said you would) then when I was sure you were sound asleep, I just had to peek in on you and spend a few minutes at each crib admiring you, "our" little miracles. I miss you so very much. "Mima" will see you again soon.

Love, Mima

Dear God, bless and keep my babies safe <3

twondra said...

Love this post. :) So very cute!!