Where to Begin?

In keeping with my slacking, I have decided instead of posting pictures, I would link you to my Facebook to take a look. I thought about loading them here, but figured saving the 45 minutes makes sense. Sorry about that, I guess that is what happens when you slack on posting pictures.


Ahhhh... where to begin? We are moving and packing and I am stressing. Stressing so much that I am pretty sure I had an anxiety attack, my heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest and it was hard to catch my breath. It is hard to be at home because I can't sit still and my mind races. I just keep going and going and then worry about what is left to do. I think about the attic, the sheds, and to top it off I am working almost the whole month of August. I cannot wait to be settled in our new place, of how I wish I could afford to hire help. Help to move and to hire a babysitter for my days off. Oh wait... what days off? I only have weekends, weekends which I must add are jammed packed with activities. Packing with Noah and Aaden around is VERY hard, doable, but hard.

We got a rental from a friend of ours, it is NOT the one we originally planned on, but is still nice. Not as nice, but still decent. It is about 300 sq. feet bigger than our current house and has two bathrooms (thank goodness.) It also has central heat and air, a dog run, and a larger garage. We need to buy a fridge, so I am watching crai.gslist for a good deal. It is in a GREAT neighborhood. Two blocks from Ta.rget, Who.le Foods and our babysitter. The best news, it is $300 less than the other house we were going to rent and half the price of our mortgage. The floors are pretty bad, so we are meeting with someone to talk about refinishing the hardwood in the living room and hall. In the boys room and our room I plan to buy a large area rug, and for the playroom I bought this:
We are 95% sure that we will be taking our larger dog to the shelter within the next week. We don't have the time to give him the attention he deserves. He never got the training he deserves. We got him in December and then in January I was pregnant and then by May when the weather was nice and we planned to really work with him, I went on bed rest. It breaks my heart to think about it, but I know that it will take a lot of stress off of me and he will get so much more attention.

Birthday planning is under way. A park has been picked, the theme is Elmo, the menu is planned, the invites are almost done, decorations and cakes ordered. Oh oh... I have to share the cakes. They boys will each have their own small cake with their names on it and I will be making cupcakes for everyone else. Here is the cake:

We will have a small dinner and cake party on the 12th with close family and then the blowout will be the 18th. I started a Target list for the Bubos, they are in need of some big boy toys. They are over the little kid stuff.

Camping was fun, our visit with Mima was fun, swim lessons were a blast and the boys do great in the water now. This month is the fair, oh how I have waited to take kids of my own to the fair, I can't wait! Also this month is mine and Gabe's six year anniversary. We talked about taking a trip with one of my good friends for her 30th B-day, but it seems that funds and time our not on our side. So, hopefully we can sneak in a date night on our anniversary.


Christina said...

Hang in there lady. You'll hopefully be settled soon! Try and take a break, sit down, and just live in the moment....thinking of you!!

Meant to be a mom said...

Busy busy girl you are! Good luck with all the birthday planning and moving. But seriously congrats for the lesser rent. That is never bad!

Anonymous said...

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