Our Derby King

On August 14th, 2010 our Noah became the King of the Fair!

That's right Noah Warren won the DIAPER DERBY.

In the first round Noah crawled from Daddy to Mommy. I bribed him with my car keys and cell phone. For the final round where Noah faced the other winner, we switched it up and he crawled from Mommy to Daddy where Daddy bribed him with a bottle. When he first took off I nudged his botty which prompted him to fall forward, but off he went. A little hesitant and at one point crawling towards the crowd and the cheers, because he is a little ham. He won by a land slide. We were so proud, so proud I almost cried. I have video of course, but well um... yes you guessed it, I haven't had time to upload it. But you can bet your diapered bootie I will get around to it soon.

Congratulations Noah Warren, we love you King!


Hernandez Clan said...

I am absolutely LOVE Noah and Aaden but for this post I LOVE LOVE LOVE Baby Oah! Hehe. So cute. You will hang that proudly in his room until he moves out I am sure :)

Anonymous said...

Save the video for when his first girlfriend comes over :) So cute.

Aunt Theresa