The Phone

In the midst of a "break down" I am going to try to add yet another thing to my plate. My blogging has been lacking something fierce. While "trying" to sit down for just 15 minutes the night before last I made a list. This is something I do a lot of lately. I have gone list crazy! This list was started once before, October 2009 to be exact. It was a list of things I would like to blog about, while my October list now no longer makes much sense because it included things like facebooking while pumping and going back to work, things are much different now.

I am happy to announce that I have 15 topics I am planning to blog about within the next few weeks. Why might you ask? Because I am nuts and would like to add more things to do in my life! No, no really because I love my blog. I love the fact that I have documented so much of mine and the boys life and I am sad at the fact that I haven't documented more lately. I also feel like I am losing my readers, and while the point isn't to have followers and read my beautiful comments, I still enjoy it and I miss my comments and followers.

Before I begin with topic number one, lets do a tiny re-cap... fair, fair, moving, stress, crying, hurt back, packing, a haircut?, moving, floors, breakdown, a diet, packing, garden, bye bye Memphis?, sad, smiles, stress, laughter, a diaper derby king, financial wows, taking on a child to babysit, quitting my job, crying, fighting, working one day a week, insurance, working two days a week, moving, packing, paperwork, dog water, cleaning, laundry, working full-time, and again... a breakdown.

Since that made no sense at all, lets just say things are hectic and leave it at that. I plan to blog about many of those things in the future, but for now lets just keep it up beat.

Today's topic is "The Phone," starring Aaden Parker:

Aaden has clearly made it known that he loves phones and knows how to use them. A few weeks back our house phone rang, as I went to answer the phone I saw Aaden put his hand up to his ear and say "hi." I burst out laughing and thought it was a fluke, but NOT the case. This boy knows what's up. Now, every time the phone rings he puts his hand to his ear and says "hi!" If he finds the house phone or cell phone laying around, he will then put those up to his ear and smile and say "hi." So this morning I tried to again while changing his diaper (anything to keep him occupied during that time) and he said "Hello, oh hi!" Hummmm.... safe to say he is paying close attention to how a phone conversation starts. Awwwww how I love that boy with all my heart, and of course Noah too, but today was an Aaden story.

I'm off to day three of ten working days, and must say I am NOT cut out for working full-time anymore, I now loathe work mornings. Saturday we plan to get much of our moving done and then Sunday a one year old photo shoot and family portraits. If all goes well I plan to have topic number two up soon as well.


Hernandez Clan said...

I don't know what your talking about, that list made TOTAL sense. Perhaps it is my chaotic life that helped me piece it together. Haha.

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

DYING for some updates. :)

Christina said...

Hey, I totally understand being a "touch" to busy for blogging! :) Do what you can, but don't let it stress you out. You have enough to worry about!