Our Last Few Weeks

Hey it's me Hudson Sinclair, or as my Brother's say Husson Sinkler.  Mama is crazy busy still getting the house in order, going to the gym, cleaning, laundry, taking care of us, working from home, going to work, planning our Birthdays, and fueling her thrift store addiction so I decided to fill ya in.  Here is our last few weeks in pictures:

Noah went to Grammy and Papa's house for the night so Mommy and Daddy took us out to Breakfast, which is rare for us since taking three guys out to eat is not so easy, but this day we had lots of fun.

Papa Wayne put organizers in Mommy's closet she says between this closet and her beautiful bathroom that she feels like a princess.

Daddy is getting so handy he is building shelves in our garage.  Our new hosue came with no closet bars or shelves in the garage at all.

Mommy has been so busy that sometimes we run errands all day so Noah took a little nap in the Costco cart.

Daddy got off early from work one day (he has been working long hours) so we all went to Six Flags and I got to check out all the animals.

Mama showed me the fishes and I loved them.

But my big bros got to ride the train

This is Bro-Bros wearing their hats for their cowboy birthday party

Mommy got the carrots (wax) out of our ears and Aaden thought he was Shrek

We all love our big backyard and eat lunch outside almost everyday or at the park

We went camping, I am not so sure about that.  Me crawling around in the dirt and sitting by the pool isn't really my cup of tea, but I hear they are dragging me back their again soon.

I sure love my Mommy

Daddy let Aaden pretend to drive while we were camping

And I got to go down a little slide

That's ME Handsom Honey Honey Hudson

After camping our real estate agent called and he had a like new trampoline with the net still in the box left on a property and he thought our house would be perfect for it.  So Daddy hopped in the truck to get it for us and set it up.  Boy were my Brothers happy!

I just watched!

Noah played so hard he would fall asleep at dinner, but he still had his animals.

They love me... both of them!  It's about time!

Aaden watering the plants

Mama calls him a character, whatever that means

We went shopping for plants for the front yard and I got to help plant

I discovered Sesame Street

THEN... AADEN BROKE THE TV AND MOMMY SCREAMED AND CRIED!  First for fear we got hurt, then after that she was very angry.. VERY angry.

But we carried on

And ate blueberry pancakes and bananas

Got a new 3d TV

Daddy was happy of course, BUT he is so so so sad they had to cancel the twins Birthday Disneyland trip, which is fine by me since they weren't going to take me anyways.  I guess since I learned to scream and crawl real fast I have become more of a handful

Mommy took us to Relay For Life, which is a 24 hour walk to benefit cancer research.  I was sleeping in this picture, but she put me on the front pack and off we went.  Mama loves to walk with us!

Here is the plants we planted, they cover the front of the house

Daddy had a gig and we got to come, Aaden is for sure going to be like Daddy some day. 

We danced and sang and slept in real late.

The twins got haircuts, Mommy said I am too little.

They got a candy afterwards and YES I was too little for that too

But I am NOT too little to play in the water table!

Or eat pears straight off of our pear tree

But YES again I was too little to jump with Papa, Batman, and Spiderman

That's me in a sneak peek of my Birthday photo shoot

And that's my cowboy Brothers
Bath fun for me
Noah didn't want to go camping
Shake it for me girl
The newest member of Double Shot

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