Weekly update

The best wives surprise their Hubbies and pull out all the boxed up Raider stuff and display it for him.

Cousins eating popcorn

I have a yard sale addiction and this is what $5 bought me.  I may or may not buy things and clean them up and sell them for more sometimes, but this was a keeper.

My handsome dude is growing so fast.

Another yard sale score for my animal lover.

A yard sale dragon costume, I found a dragon costume for H too at another sale so now I am on the hutn for one more.


The Hudson wall I was SO excited to hang this

It was an Icee kind of day

A walk in our new hood, this trail is 1/2 a block from our house

He's a "cheenos" fan like his oldest Brother

He takes his animals everywhere even swimming

NO nap and swimming means this is what happens while I am cooking dinner.

We are settling in nicely I really wish I could sit down and relax, but there is still lots of projects, more boxes, and things that need to be sold.  We joined a gym as a family they had a $99 special for all of us and much of that is reimbursed by DHs work.  So far so good, I am LOVING it.  It gives me a break, a chance to shower in peace, and most of all the kids ASK to go and "play with kids."  So it's a win win all around.

I implemented a new star system, I printed this coloring sheet that had an astronaut and seven stars on it each time the kiddos use the potty, play nice, share, pick up toys, or just in general have a good hour or moment they earn a sticker to cover the star.  Once all stars are covered they get to pick a prize from the prize bucket (20 toys from the dollar store.)  It is working really well and they always know which toy they are trying to get to next.  Aaden's first choice was this plastic fishing pole and fish.  Noah go figure chose the dinosaur finger puppets.  Then last night after a day of no potty accidents Aaden got the Spiderman toothbrush he was wanting.

Hudson is for sure on the move.  He no longer wants to be held and he is pulling himself up on everything.  I sure love that little dude, but he clearly has the "Noah scream" down.

Birthday planning is in full swing, darn you Pinterest.  Hudson will have a Sock Monkey birthday while the twins will be cowboy and BOTH will be in our new backyard!  Yahhhhoooo!!!!

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