We Have a New Zip Code

No no I did NOT fall of the face of the earth or get eaten alive by my three crazy monsters.  We moved which let me tell you, has been an adventure!

Moving with three children is just NOT the business.  Couple that with a nasty cold for all and VERY little help and it was pretty much just a disaster.  Plus throw in a broken TV, computer, no sleep, then a holiday and visitors and this last week has truly been a whirl wind.

 All in all we are pretty settled and slowly it is feeling like home.  The space is magical in most ways, but something new to get used to when you can't easily find all your kids or have to play marching games to get the twins to follow you up the stairs. 

We have more projects we want to do and more decorating, but for now we are trying to live life some what.  The kids are settling in pretty well and love talking about their new house and showing people their room.

I became a member of this group online where people buy and sell things, sort of like craigslist, but way easier and ONLY for our town so while packing I began selling and sticking the money in envelope.  Eventally I made enough to buy my boys THIS as a house warming present.  I have LOTS more to sell because we are trying to simplify and become super organzied in the new house so with that money we are planning to buy a new dishwasher.  This playground has really helped to keep the kiddos occupied and get them excited about moving.  This was the FIRST thing to get done in the house, even before we moved over.
 This is how I felt about moving and packing, geeshh moving for FIVE was chore!
 Moving day, Noah was calling all the shots when he wasn't throwing up.
 The Mama got a little spoiled too with a new fridge!
 Our last night in our old house.
 The boys chose to sleep together on their last night in our old house in their empty room.
 Our new froggy bathroom in our new froggy house.
 The first lawn mow
 First trio bath
 Our hidden play nook, my dream became a reality.  No one would even know our play room is in our family room when it is picked up.
 Hudson loves Mommy's big bathroom and loves watching me in the shower.
 Our giant backyard
 Dinning room
 Formal living room
 Hudson's room
 The twins room
 Our giant master bath

 First time in Mommy's jacuzzi tub!

 Loving his watermelon!
 Our family room
 3rd of July S'mores!

 4th of July breakfast for our Nephew Gabriel's 5th Birthday
 Parade one block from our new house

 Happy 4th from The Snook Boys
Fireworks were a TRUE hit!  Aaden wants to see them again "two-mar-yo!"

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