Heartbeat 150 and music to my ears. Cervix is measuring 3.2, which is fantastic, little guy's feet were kicking my cervix in the ultrasound, sadly that is all I got to see of him this time. Still NO restrictions and next appointment scheduled for 5 weeks from now.

In N&A news we got to spend some much needed time together last week while we all had a little cold. Noah is becoming a Mommies boy more and more everyday and the vocabulary on both of them is FASCINATING me. Socks, shoes, jacket, down, NO to MANY questions, eat, bite, juice, milk, the list of words is now too much to name. But I will say the cutest is when Aaden calls Noah by name or yells for him. Or when he has poopoo and while changing him says "ewwww!"

The countdown to vacation is on and much to our surprise my Dad and his Girlfriend just happen to be on the same flight to us going to visit my Grandpa for the weekend. So we will have some flight buddies and have planned to all go to the zoo together the 2nd day.


Brenda said...

Wonderful news! And I must admit, I am a bit jealous...my 20 month old twins are not really talking yet. We are starting to get one or two words, I think...

Congrats again on the great news!

Mama Tina said...



Two Little Bugs and a Bichon said...

Hi Tiffany! Those shirts have been a huge hit! I am assuming you were asking about the Thomas and Curious George t-shirts...I got them at a Gap Outlet. I have friends that fell in love with the shirts, called an outlet and had them shipped to them, so that is always an option if you dont have one close by! :-)