13 and 30

13.... 30!

I have now lost 13 pounds, DH has lost 30!  Yes 30! This is not a diet, this is our new way of life NO going back and not paying attention to what we consume.

Today is nuts so a real blog post is out of the question.  I really really need to post about my cousins two year old son diagnosed with leukemia, but really the story deserves time, details, pictures, and lots of love so I promise soon.  For now please just pray for Jared!

Took a quick trip to the docs today after Noah puked on me at 4 a.m. due to uncontrollable coughing.  He had lots of congestion in his lungs so they gave him an inhaler, this is not the first time poor dude had to have an inhaler.  He doesn't seem sick, but his cough is just insane.  He weighed 27 pounds and was exactly 3 feet tall!  For now we are holding our breath that Hudson doesn't get this cough as our new doctor would want to watch his oxygen levels if he did and could even be admitted to the hospital for observation.  But for now it's really just Noah with a runny nose and cough so keep your fingers crossed.

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