Lets Play Camera Phone Catch Up

It's that time again where I plug my phone in.  So here a quick re-cap of the last couple months.
 We learned how to feed the ducks
 We learned how to scare the ducks
 We are handsome as always
 We have mohawks
 We do dishes
 We like Yo Gabba Gabba and dancing
We like fishing
 Mommy and Daddy were able to sneak away for a grown up trip
 Mommy got a new tattoo
 We make messes
 We are into everything
We are STILL in love with Lion King

 We climb out of our crib
We love Mommy

 We decorate for Christmas

 We go to the cabin and learn "yahoo!"
 More decorating
We make a mess out of the boxes from our toddler beds

 We fall asleep together in our toddler beds on night #1
 We are silly
 We are mischevious
 Mommy hides carrots in our Mac N' Cheese

We learn to say Merry Christmas
 We love park play

 We like art

 We love trains
 We help clean
 We wear Daddy's shoes
 We are angelic
 We wear big boy clothes
 We can play the harmonica

 Mommy got a girls night out
 We are resourceful
 We play with toys

 We spent an evening with our Grandpa-O and he taught us to cheer for the WRONG football team and Daddy was NOT happy!
 We drank hot chocolate and looked and Christmas lights, then Noah threw up.

 We think we are cool
 We think the park is the best place EVER

We play at the park like big boys

 We know our last name

 We love our Woody pajamas

 We laugh
 We have our four month check up

 We count to 20!
 We play in the backyard
 We go on walks without strollers
 We walk to the coffee shop for hot cocoa
 We play like little monkeys

 We are starting to be able to sing our ABCs
 We walk our dog
 We attempt pictures with all three kids in one shot
We laugh

 Have I mentioned we love the park?

 More ABCs
Twinkle Twinkle
 We eat rice cereal
 More big boy walks
 More playtime

We love our little Brother
 We help cook
 We go on a lunch date with Mommy

 We play in our jumper
 Then fall asleep
 We play in the rain

And learn what puddles are all about

We coooo

We get concerned watching Sesame

 We go shopping
 We love cars

 We love puzzles
 Hudson tries peas

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