Busy Busy

Hey it's us.. N&A. Mommy said things are busy busy around our house. So busy that she didn't have time to blog, so we will try to fill ya in.

- Still no babas, and we are okay with it, we don't even ask for them
- We love our Grammy and are calling her by name
- We are talking so so so much, answering questions and can actually carry a little conversation.
- Mommy's camera is in the shop, NO good pictures in the month of June
- Mommy failed her glucose test with a 191 at 1 hr.
- Mommy is watching her carb intake and checking sugars after meals
- Mommy has extreme pelvic pain which has been flowing to legs
- Hudson's room is 90% done and super cute
- Home haircuts = a bad idea
- We are crazy swimmer boys who are in LOVE with the water
- Mommy found us the best life jackets EVER
- We love apples and watermelon and are calling them by name
- We tell Mommy when we are hungry or thirsty
- Aaden always is concerned with No-ey and where he is
- Mommy's pregnancy craving of the week... mustard
- We went on a camping trip and a cabin trip
- On Wednesday nights we go to "Music fun for Pre-schoolers"
- Our Daddy passed a BIG test at work, it won't change much now, but they say that in a year it will help A LOT.
- Mommy has about 5 more weeks of work
- We will most likely start Pre-School 2 days a week in December
- We love love love family time when we get it
- This weekend we plan to see Elmo LIVE thanks to our God-Father and Mommy is going to have her 3D Ultrasound of baby Hudson, we are all very excited about this weekend.

Mommy has been taking pictures on her phone since her camera is in the shop, and we were able to upload them to show you all the fun we have been having. We sure love Summertime!

Loving our bath time and even asking Mommy to take a bath

Aaden using earphone for the first time

Enjoying the lake at the cabin

Exloring the lake with our Grammy

taking a boat ride.. sort of.

Shucking corn.. or eating corn.

A cupcake at Autie Drea's B-day dinner, we love her.

We made a very big mess while Mommy was cleaning out her closet

Sharing means caring

Noah and his nana, he loves ALL fruit

Mommy and Daddy got us a sandbox and we love it!

Cousin Jake's graduation party.. we could get used to these cupcakes

Bowls off to Daddy for passing his big test

We have been swimming nearly every day and love to use our slide to slide into the pool

Mommy and Daddy went to a wedding and Aunt Susie watched us and spoiled us, we love her.

I love ball and can tell you if it's baseball or football. Go Giants!

Our music class!

I love to brush my teeth and after baths I always ask Mommy for "brush"

I love ranch, but I really just love dip. When I say DIP for some reason it comes out POOP, Mommy and Daddy always laugh when I say it.

On Father's Day we took Daddy to a restaurant where he got to hand pick his own steak, he loved it. Then we went and rode the "choo choo" and played around at a nearby kids area. We got him lots of special little gifts, gave him lots of love, and he even gets to go take a Daddy day away to go golfing for the day.

Aaden is sweet as can bee

We love eachother

Needs work, but not bad

Very VERY bad idea Daddy

WE love to SWIM!!!

Apple apple apple, No-ey and his apples.


This is our favorite park, Mommy brings us here lots. Grammy finally got to see it yesterday, now she knows why we love it, well actually why Mommy loves it.

Peek-A-Boo it's US.. the soon to be BIG BROTHERS!

Mommy says that is our old carseat under there.

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