My name is Tiffany and I have a confession to make... My children still have bottles! *Gasp.. hiss... BOOOOOO! Wait wait wait before you go reporting me to the "Bad Mommy Bureau" let me re-iterate my children still have a 2 oz. bottle of water to go to bed. I got them off milk bottles at 14 months just as a good Mommy should, but NOW I am in the running for Mommy failure of the year for water bottles at 20 months.

Am I ashamed of it? YES! Does it make my children content and happy? YES! Do I want to take them away? Hell to the NO!

This weekend we took them away! The evil villain I am took away the one thing that comforts Aaden more than anything in the world. I ripped away my 20 month olds most prized possession.. his "ba-ba."

Why you ask? Because of you Mommies! You Mommies and your "my kids switched to a cup at 12 months." You Mommies and your "does your pediatrician know he still has a bottle?" And BTW YES my pedi does know they still have bottles and she say NOTHING was wrong with it as long as it was just water. In fact she said it was better for their teeth than a pacifier, which my kids never liked.

Let me just explain this situation a little more. Noah likes the bottle, but he could give or take it. He is doing fine with this situation, although YES bedtime would be MUCH easier if he had it. Aaden on the other hand is IN LOVE with his bottle. He would take it quote "emmpy" that means empty, full, or heck even just the nipple alone. You hand it to him and out he goes to dream land with a sweet smile on his face.

So why again you ask? Because obviously if I am ashamed that they have these things for bedtime it must be wrong. Because obviously if I have Mommies saying these things to me it must be wrong.

Well POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP to you people! You are breaking mine and Aaden's heart. I hate hate hate hate this and I want NOTHING more than to hand my sweet little innocent son his 2 oz. of water in his Ba-ba to go to sleep. BLllllllllllleeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! This is TORTURE!

Please tell me this gets better!!!!!! Oh and we did replace the bottle with a sippy cup with a soft lid which some what helps, but oh so not the same thing. I told him the babas are for baby Hudson and he now gets a big boy bottle, to which I pretty much just get what seems to be some sort of an eye roll and then a sad "baba peasss?"
The new TORTURE baba!


Jodi said...

I'd talk to a dentist or speech therapist about the bottle, if they have nothing bad to say then I say keep them!

The only reason I say dentist is because maybe its bad for the teeth developmental wise? I have no idea!

I say speech therapist because I went to a moms group that had one speaking once, and she had some rediculous stats of kids who take bottles/sippy's past a certain age vs a cup who go to see her in kindergarten-grade 3 (her specialty) for speech therapy.

Like I said though, I have no idea! My son was off the bottle completely at 13 months, had a NUBY sippy cup for 5 more months, then off those... but he could care less. My daughter at 9 months old would drink dirt out of a bottle if I gave it to her, she is IN LOVE with her bottles... we can't even leave one sitting on the counter or she freaks when she see's it!

I say if there is no reason to take it away (after doing your OWN research, not someone else's) you do whats best for YOUR family!

Sorry this is so long winded... I hate/d it when people tell me how its supposed to be... the sideways glances I get when my daughter eats a strawberry at 9 months make me CRAZY!

Fullers1006 said...

Well if your a bad mommy I'm a terrible Mommy. My 2.5 year old still drinks a warm bottle of milk at nap time and bed time!! And I DON"T CARE! You shouldn't either if they drink it. My son refuses to drink his milk in a cup and honestly I'm not up for the fight!
My theory is one day very soon I'm sure he won't drink a bottle but while he's young let him. Its not hurting him. His teeth are fine no ear infections he talks great... I'm just not going to fight him!

Well good luck do what you feel you have to but giving your poor baby a bottle is not that bad :-) Other parents do far worse things for their babies!

Hernandez Clan said...

I say give him the baba! I can't even imagine hearing him cry for it. Oh you poor mommy. I don't see them drinking it any other time but at bed time or nap time (I guess only becuase you tell me so!). I say if it ain't hurting anything who cares! I mean come on. My 7 year old still walks around with a blankie, and would probably still use a bottle if I let her! To each their own, if it comforms him let him have it! The ONLY single solitary thing I see happening in the future is him maybe mistaking Hudson's for his own and drinking formula hehe, but really, that won't kill him! You do what your heart tells you is right when it comes to those boys, don't be swayed by any (us) mommies who do different :)

Joy said...

My daughter got rid of her bottle at 3 when we moved her to a toddler bed. My pediatrician said the same thing ~ if it is only water and only in bed AKA she does not walk around with it ~ It's Fine!!

Ignore the mommy pressure and do what is right for your little one.

Anonymous said...

You do what is right in your heart. Everyone in the world will have an opinion and yes a lot of them will share it with you, but you know your kids and your family and you do what's right for them. The only people you have to worry about is your boys, that's it. The rest of the opinions you can take or leave, it's up to you. But never let them tell you your a bad mommy!!

Aunt Theresa

Christina said...

The girls just got their pacis taken from them at bedtime and naptime friday....over 3 years old.
Give it back to him if you think you need to. Who the hell cares what people think. =)