Hudson Sinclair

Someone stole my heart yesterday. How can I already be so in love with this little creature? Here he is.. Mr. Hudson Sinclair.

The boys thought it was pretty cool for the first few minutes, then they were off seeing what kind of trouble they could get into. Looking back I wish I would have taken some video of them saying "baby" and looking at the screen. The "awww baby!" was pretty much priceless. Slowly, but surely they are catching on. We have a baby doll we practice holding and we lay it in Hudson's crib and I carry it around. Aaden is getting it.. Noah well that's another story. Soon enough it will all be real. Just 60 more days!

The Ultrasound tech said that my placenta looked a little more mature than 30 weeks. I go to the docs on Wednesday so she wanted me to be sure I mentioned that to them. Hudson also looked slightly more mature. I have always thought my due date was off by a week. I thought it should be August 26th instead of September 2nd, which would put the c-section at August 19th. Only time will tell. I am fine with the 26th believe me... the more time I can get being a Mom of just two, I will take it.

I began to make my July work schedule today. So surreal that this will be the LAST time I will do this. Well I guess until 2012. I should be on leave around the start of August. I am really looking forward to a few weeks at home with just my two guys. Some days I am SO excited to bring Hudson into the world and bring him home, but then other days I want for nothing more than for him to stay right here in my belly and save me from even more insanity. If only help, babysitters, and housekeepers grew on trees I wouldn't be so nervous.

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twondra said...

So happy for you! He's beautiful!