Maternity Leave, The 4th, and a Smart Cookie

31 week appointment went great. Baby H is doing perfect and the Doc wasn't at all worried about my placenta being "mature" she said that doesn't mean much. My cervix was great at about a 3 and baby boy was head down. He has hair and was doing his breathing. What an over achiever. At the end of the appointment I asked about maternity leave as I wanted to get an exact date. Doc looked puzzled and walked over to my chart and said "you're working?" I told her I was and she said that I should have been off around 28 weeks because this is still considered a high risk pregnancy and I have every reason to be taking it easy. So that was that. I finished out my week at work and wrapped some things up and here I am.. AT HOME until December!

I will say it is NOT very relaxing being at home, but I am loving it. Although an incident about 30 minutes ago I could have done without. Friday nights the Daddy has softball, so after lunch I decided to give the boys a bath early. After baths I put them in their cribs for a nap in ONLY a diaper. BAD MOVE! About 45 minutes later I heard a loud thump and then a scream. YUP, Aaden had finally made his way out of the crib, but wait... POOP! Yup he had taken his diaper off and painted poop all over the crib. I stripped the crib and glanced over at Noah who's crib had smelly spit up in it. Too much cheese for my guy, he has a sensitive tummy even still. Both cribs got stripped and both boys headed back to the tub. Happy Friday!

The Smart Cookie - Noah Warren


twondra said...

Yay for being home. :) Love the pictures. :)

Christina said...

Wow the boys are getting big!! I'm glad things are going well! <3