30 Days, Prayers, and an Overload

30 days until Hudson makes his debut.  30 days until we are starting all over with a newborn and I am indulging in strawberry soda and sushi.  Oh and maybe a couple weeks later I will be having my first taste of a Skinny Girl Margarita or a nice crisp glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

Yesterday a friend of mine took maternity pics, it was HECTIC to say the least.  Trying to get the boys in the same picture as us was utter chaos. But at the end of the day we some how managed to get some decent shots.  We weren't going for the lets stand a smile and pose kind because that's just not our life anymore.  I CANNOT wait to see how they turned out.  Seriously CANNOT wait.

Yesterday I took the boys out to lunch and to get a car wash.  There was a woman there with two kids (older than mine of course) and a 7 week old.  Lunch was arriving and she was dealing with that and at the same time the baby got hungry.  I started to panic slightly for her.  But nope she swopped up the baby held his bottle with her chin and carried on helping the older kids.  I began to wonder if breastfeeding would be just as easy, easier, or maybe harder.  I didn't really "breastfeed" the boys.  I pumped and fed them because Noah never really latched.  I am having quite a bit of anxiety over what is "right for us this time."  I say I want to go with breastfeeding, BUT bottles seem SO much easier with all we have going on.  I can pass him off to friends and family to help and won't have to figure out how to try to breastfeed him discreetly in public places and then what happens a few months later when I go back to work?  At the end of the day I DO want to give it my best effort, BUT I am not going to let myself feel like a failure if it doesn't work out.  I know at the start it WILL be harder than bottles, but eventually it WILL be easier.  So the plan is to try to attack it with every ounce I have.

Tomorrow is the big day, Gram's surgery please please please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

 Somebody thinks he is the baby
 Daddy got a back up singer at his last event
 The temporary fix to our diaper issue until the pull-ups arrived
 Adding Hudson to the mix
 Probably one of the cutest baby butts EVER, I am sure he will love this someday
 Another picture, really?
 Aaden LOVES his Papa Wayne
 Kissing and showing Mama where Hudson is
 Aaden and Cousin Julia
 Noah taking in the view
 Noah & Cousin Julia
 First time fishing
 Our little guys
For some crazy reason Aaden is our biggest chatter box, but I manage to have more videos of Noah talking.  Probably because Aaden won't do it on command.  Ya know "Aaden what does the doggie say?" The kid just looks at me like stupid.. you know what the dog says.  He instead will just carry on a full conversation when you least expect it.  Noah, he will play copycat with me, so here are some copycat videos and a Hudson kicking video.

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