I Could Get Used to This

Working from home... it's the best of both worlds.  Using my brain and making some money while the buggies sleep, but still being home for them.

I got the opportunity to help out with some data entry for a friends business.  I am not sure how long it will last, but for now I am grateful.  I am going on one month and still no sign of my disability check so this is REALLY going to help, plus I feel... hummm what's the word?  "Useful" for more than cleaning house and wiping booties.  This is JUST what I needed!

Yesterday we checked up on Baby H and he was great.  Fluid levels were amazing and AGAIN showing the package and breathing.  I had a different doctor this time and he is VERY thorough.  He recommended NSTs TWICE a week.  My jaw dropped and all I could mutter was "I have twins."  Childcare is SUPER hard for me to come by right now.  I used to be able to count on Thursday help, but given my Grandma's situation I don't know when and if I will have that for awhile.  OH MY GOODNESS... update on that.  Surgery went well, they went in twice and are pretty sure they were able to remove the whole spot.  We will know the results on Monday and will go from there.  Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers.

Anyways childcare right now is pretty much non-existent so the NSTs and the weekly doctors appointments just made my heart sink.  Thankfully the doctor agreed to NSTs just once a week.  I picked Thursdays for appointments and NSTs in hopes that between my Mom and Grandma we can work something out.  My Mom is usually off Thursdays, but for extra money she often picks up an extra shift that day and/or has errands and things she needs to do as well.  Soon enough the boys will be in pre-school two days a week and then I will be on a mission to find a Hudson sitter a couple days a week.  The hunt NEVER ends.  Those of you who have childcare help from family, please NEVER take for granted how lucky you are.

They were able to get me in for a 4:30 NST so thankful for that because the Daddy was home with the boys by that time.  I found the test to be pure heaven!  A quiet hospital room (the same room I labored with the boys, that brought back some memories) surrounded by pillows, the sounds of Hudson's little ticker, and a remote to a TV.  What wasn't to love?  They handed me a button to push when he moved.  Well wouldn't ya know it, it was the most active he has EVER been and he had hiccups the entire 30 minutes.  I was sent home passing with flying colors, the babes is doing great.  I was told to watch for labor signs and get into L&D at any signs so they could be sure to have enough time to remove the cerclage and prep for the c-section.  Just 28 days of less...

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happymomof2 said...

I too had difficulty with childcare. I had nst's twice a week and a bpp once a week, as well as doctors appointment toward the end of my appointment. It all worked out and I am praying for the same for you.
As far as the nst's yes they were quite lovely, and peaceful:) My little one was the same wy, VERY active for the nst's, kicking at the monitor, rolling, moving etc. it was comical. They told me some babies are stimulatd by hearing their heartbeat.