My Things, Noah Warren, and Much More

Wow, two blog entries in one day, look at me go with all my free time. Just kidding, I still don't have free time, but while the boys were napping I loaded these photos and couldn't resist sharing them sooner rather than later. Enjoy and have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

Mama, I'm tired please get that camera out of my face
Thank you Erin, we love our bibs
His Daddy rocks!
His kitty cuddles!
He plays so hard he falls asleep during mid play

The cutest boys ever!

Aaden says "seriously guys what do you want from me?"
How about that... I'll give you a smile


Hernandez Clan said...

Oh I know those thing 1& 2 outfits! Hehe. They are so big, and goodness Aaden can look so serious at times. hehe. I am almost in shock. I saw the pic one then you said TWO blogs so I read the OTHER one and man, my head is spinning with all this activity on your blog page! LOL. Funny. Miss you guys.

BB said...

I love the spike in thier hair! ;)... and man... they already stare in to the camera! Attentive kids you got! :)

Mama Tina said...

You sure have some beautiful boys there!!! Oh wait a minute....those beautiful boys are mine too!!!


Baby Wanted said...

I never get tired of seeing those beautiful boys! They are so darling and I love the outfits-thing one and two, how cute!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Woo-hoo, I wondering when Id see pics of the bibs!!

Trevor has that My Daddy rocks shirt, too!

Happy Thanksgiving, Tiffany!

Kami said...

I still can't get over how one looks like you and one looks like daddy. Too cool. They are so freaking adorable. I don't know how you can stand it. I would be snuggling them all day long. LOL


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