The Tum Tum

Today I am feeling a little green. The boys and I went grocery shopping, the smells in that place were turning my tummy. I was able to get everything on our list and snagged a two litter of cream soda and some gummy worms for me, those two things are the ONLY things that didn't turn the tum tum in the whole store. Upon leaving the store I was SO thirsty. The cream soda was not cold so I stopped through a drive thru and ordered a large strawberry soda... uh can we say YUM! The soda was gone before I got home. Now all I can think about is strawberry soda as I sit here munching on gummy worms.

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Mama Tina said...

Wish you were here, I have a case of BIG RED which is Strawberry Soda. No Caffeine :) I thought it was Code Red (lots of Caffeine) when I bought it.