My Beauties and a Heart

Yup that's right. We went in for a quick u/s yesterday. We were not scheduled for one for another couple weeks, but on Friday my betas didn't double. They had a doubling time of 60 hours and went up 71%, which we all know is just fine as did the doc, but just to put every ones mind at ease he snuck us in yesterday. There it was, a beautiful little flicker. I am still measuring behind (now 6 days instead of 7), so he will most likely be changing how far along I am. Taking me from 7 weeks back to 6 and changing due date to the very beginning of September.

No post would be complete without some pics of our beauties. These guys are changing and learning so much. They learn new words almost daily and love to mimic things I say. They can now take their plates to the sink, which I might want to re-think because the other night we found a hot wheels car in the garbage disposal. They are OBSESSED with trains. Aaden knows where the trains are kept and points at them and yells "toot toot!" It's all about trains!

They also can now show and tell me when they are hungry or thirsty, which is great, but that Noah Bear is always wanting "cra-aacker!" Oh how they melt my heart.

The DH is starting to get really excited about B3, it's amazing how something you weren't really ready for now feels like the best thing ever. He is so cute talking to baby and talking about changes we will make to make things easier for the Mama and the transition easy on the boys. He has really been stepping up more and helping me out as the exhaustion is starting to set in. I truly love that man.

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Meant to be a mom said...

That is such wonderful news. I'm so happy to hear about the perfect little beating heart.

The pics of the boys are so cute also. Don't you just love that they can sort of actually communicate with you a little better now. :)