A Day In The Life of Me

I am going to outline the average day in the life of our family on a work day. Please no judgement, oh wait how can I say that? I know you will, but well this is what we have come to, and guess what? I couldn't ask for anything more. Although I guess I could ask for some more time in the day.

I wake up to Mr. Aaden fussing around 5:45, and yes this is the first time I have been up since I went to bed the night before, because I gave in and gave the swaddling blankets back. I grab sunshine and take him back to be with me. At 6:15 Gabe gets up and gets in the shower. 6:30 he is back in our room and we both agree that Aaden feels warm, we take his temperature and all is well. So I head off to the shower, while in the shower I remember that I need to call my OBGYN because well um, I have pretty much been bleeding/spotting since the boys were born, so just in case I better shave my legs. While in the shower Gabe asks if the leftovers from a couple nights ago are still good, I assure him that they are and he packs up his lunch and listens for the little men to stir. He tells me he has got to go and normally I am out of the shower by now, but because I am doing a leg shaving and it has been about two weeks I take an extra five minutes.

When I get out of the shower, Aaden is fussing at this point so we dance and cuddle a bit while I head off to make him a bottle. I lay him in the boppy with a bottle then pull some leftovers out for my lunch, let both dogs out, feed the dogs and cats, wash some dishes, throw in a load of laundry, put some clean clothes in the diaper bag, fill some bottles with water for the diaper bag, and then brush my hair, and put on deodorant.

At this point Noah is still out so Aaden and I go in the room, open the blinds, and change Aaden's diaper and sing some silly songs. Noah just lets out a few grunts. I blow dry my hair while Aaden plays in the exersaucer. I then pour myself a glass of totally watered down apple juice (which I love) and make Noah a bottle. I go in to wake Noah up and I am greeted with a couple grunts and then finally a smile. I take him over to the changing table and change him then give him a bottle in the boppy while I do my makeup. I let in a crying cat, then run back to my room to get dressed. I let the dogs in, put jackets on the boys, then load the boys up in the carseats. I start the car and bring out my lunch, purse, and diaper bag, then I take both boys out to the car. At this time I am about 5 minutes ahead of schedule. I get about halfway to the babysitters when I realize I forgot my cell phone, so I make a u-turn and head home again. Lock the boys in the car while I run in like wild fire to get the phone and head back out. I fight through the traffic again of the elementary and Junior High School near our house and finally arrive at Kara's. Things go smoothly at Kara's and I arrive to work right on time.

I am able to get squeezed into the OBGYN at 1:45. At the appointment he informs me that he thinks the BCPs (which are the 2nd) are not working for me. So he tells me to stopping taking Yaz and try a third pill which is higher in progesterone. He was thinking of doing an ultrasound, but because my health insurance deductible is so high he will have me wait to see if this works first.

At 4:55 Gabe arrives at my work with the boys, I told him I would come downstairs to do a boy swap at 5:00, but of course I was tied up at work so couldn't make it out until 5:10. We make the swap and then my co-worker comes down for a quick visit. Gabe tells me he will be home from band practice at 7:30 to help with the bed time feeding.

I head home and make it home around 5:30, which is early for me. The boys and I make ourselves comfy and cuddle a bit then the night begins. I let the dogs out, go through the mail, wash bottles, refill everything in the diaper bag, fold a load of laundry while watching The Bachelor, pick out jammies for the night and outfits for the day for the boys. Pour myself a glass of wine, change into my jammies, feed the boys a little cereal, go outside to shuffle through the recycle bin for the Sunday paper because I remember that the Target ad was supposed to have some great baby savings. I throw in a load of dirty throw rugs, open a package of diapers for the bedroom, put away the load of laundry I just folded, then realize that I better make myself something for dinner. It makes sense to make a full size meal so then we both have lunch for tomorrow. So I find some chicken and get that going, I also find a box of Pasta Roni and some fresh broccoli. Score, that will do. I glance at the Pasta Roni and see something about boil water and cook 12 minutes, okay. I start the water on high and walk away to the bathroom to start the bath. I undress Aaden and even manage to snag a quick video of him giggling to send off to the Grandma's (video below). Then I dump the pasta in the boiling water, flip the chicken and go give Aaden a bath while Noah jumps in the jumper. I bathe Aaden and get him into his jammies. Once I return to the kitchen I notice that my pasta is now burnt to the bottom of the pot. What the heck? I look at the box and see that I was supposed to be cooking it at medium once it comes to a boil. Crap! I try to salvage the pasta, which was unsuccessful, but I ate it anyways. I give Noah a bath and change him into jammies. At this point it is 7:30 and I am hoping to hear the Daddy pull up soon so I can eat something since the boys are starting to get fussy and just really want to cuddle. I chop up some broccoli and sprinkle it with Mrs. Dash and pop it in the microwave. I try to eat while holding a fussy Aaden. Then I swap him for an even fussy Noah. Dinner for me will have to wait, they are hungry. I make bottles and sit on the floor with the boys in their boppies, but it isn't cutting it. They really just want to be fed and cuddled. So I take turns and try to calm a really fussy Aaden whom has a pretty nasty cough. I give Aaden some tylenol and get both boys to eat 4 oz. By this point I am pretty frazzled.

Finally at 8:30 I hear Gabe pull up. I stand at the front door with a baby, once the door opens I hand him one and ask for just five minutes alone. I go to the bedroom and lay on my bed. He follows me asking what is wrong? I explain that I just want five minutes to myself. He goes back to the living room and entertains the boys who are doing much better with some food in their bellies. I come back out of the bedroom, and Gabe says "that was only three minutes." I laugh and feel much better just having those couple minutes of just doing nothing. He has got the boys and they are now happy playing with Daddy and watching Sesame Street. I clean up the kitchen, pack our lunches (including the burnt pasta in my lunch), wash some bottles, change the boys diapers, make another bottle for each boy, and start the dishwasher. At this point it is 9 p.m. I settle on the couch and we each have a lovebug to cuddle and feed. We chat a little then turn on Desperate Housewives while we feed and cuddle the boys on the couch. Once the show is over the boys are pretty much out and I lay them in their cribs. Gabe lets the dogs in and I do a quick clean up sweep through the house. We head off to bed with a kiss and an I love you. What more could we ask for? We will wake up and do it all again tomorrow, but Friday is a different story, I am off on Friday and the days go differently. Maybe next time I will outline how one of those days goes.


Two Little Bugs and a Bichon said...

That's too funny! And before twins I thought I didnt have enough time in the day...what a joke!! We would LOVE gently used blankets. If you dont mind, email me at courtneynash10@gmail.com and I will send you my address to mail them (dont want to just throw the address up online)!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Anonymous said...

I loved reading about your day. Wow! How it brings me back to when the boys were little. Parenthood - it's a crazy life, but one that I absolutely love. The days are different as they are older but still as hectic.

Have fun and enjoy the craziness that is life. Your are a wonderul mommy.

Love, Aunt Theresa

Anna Kauz said...

I loved reading about your day!! :) Your day is so different than ours since I'm a stay at home mom. I'd be interested to hear how your days go with the two on the days you don't work.

Andrea said...

I am tired just reading it! But good to know what our days might be like once both are home and I am back at work.

Helene said...

Awww, I love the videos...I miss when mine were that little!! You know, before they were mobile and could talk back to me.

Your day sounds so hectic...I often say I have no clue how some moms manage to work full-time outside the home and still balance motherhood. You obviously do it well!!

Oh I'm not sure if you're using formula or not, but if you are I have some coupons for Good Start formula and some coupons for baby foods. I don't know why they keep sending those to me but I hate to see them wasted. Let me know if you want them!

Anonymous said...

i'm so impressed that you can do so much while you're home alone. i still have not attempted to shower or blowdry my hair while i'm home alone with the kiddos. i just know that they will both freak out at the same time if i do that!

my kids are still getting up several times a night. wondering what your secret is? your kids are only 2 wks older than mine :) (and we're still swaddling, btw!)

fun to read how your day goes. i'm interested to see how your days off go. those are the days when i feel like i am a crap mom b/c i don't "do" enough with them!!

Anonymous said...

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Amber and Dee Dee said...

That's so funny. Add a toddler to the mix and it sounds a lot like my day!!! Doesn't it amaze you all you do sometimes?

Ryan said...

Yikes - I'm tired after reading that! :-) You're Super Mom!!!!