Another Picture Overload

Noah doing "bounce bounce"
Great Grammy and A

Little A.P. says "hi"

Great Grammy on her babysitting day with the boys
Aaden and Auntie Monica meet for the first time

Noah likes her, luckily we will be seeing much more of her, she will be moving nearby this Summer.

Monica and Mikie in San Francisco
A day trip to Pier 39
Elianna goes crazy

Noah is learning to sit up
Noah, no pulling hair

Our Superbowl half-time show
Grandpa-O and Aaden
My sickie boy

Bubble blower
First taste of food, squash February 11th
Yummy squash!
Aaden wants an iPhone.
Brotherly love

They love holding onto to eachother

A quick trip out on the boat up at the lake house

Candace and Baby Jared
Mama and Noah

Grammy and Aaden

Our Little Valentine's

Sweet Potatoe


Baby Wanted said...
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Baby Wanted said...

Sorry, my first comment was posted before I was finished!

Sigh...I can't get enough of their cuteness! They are so stinkin' cute and I just find them resistable! I especially love the photos of them holding onto each other (they love each other so much-it is neat to see the bond of twins). The valentines and "triplet" pictures are also very cute!

Hernandez Clan said...

I love the boys sooo much. Time is flying. I do have a non baby question though. What kind of camera do you have. Your pics are AMAZING!

Ryan said...

How do you go anywhere???? People must constantly stop you to check out the cuteness!!!!!! They are so precious!