Everything is fine with the LP's. I am definitely having Braxton Hicks contractions, but they are fine to have. I guess with twins they come much earlier, that and the fact that I am very in tune with my body. They are not effecting my cervix, in fact a month ago my cervix measured 3.6 which is fine and today it measure 3.9, which is even better. Everything is good!

The doctor was great today and was great about me coming in unscheduled. I saw the bubs for a second, and we saw a little butt right away. The doctor said "oh yeah, you wanted to be sure of the gender..." I screamed "NO, NOT WITHOUT MY HUSBAND!" So he quickly turned the screen off before I caught a glimpse. I would have had a good glimpse too as he was using the probe cam to check my cervix. Darn, so close! Only 7 more days!

I didn't mention it before because I didn't want to freak anyone out, or freak myself out any further, but one of my biggest concerns was this clear leaking fluid I was having sporadically. Well, they cotton swabbed me and ran it over a test strip and it did not turn blue, it is NOT amniotic fluid, but it is more than likely pee, since a Bub has situated himself right on top of my bladder. Nice and embarassing huh?

So thankful that the Bubs are fine, Gabe was also very thankful. You could tell he was very worried and so relieved when I had good news.

The 50 cent text message from Mexico on the way to my appointment: "Good luck! I love you guys so much!" The three of us love you too Daddy, and we will all sleep much better tonight!


Ryan and Stuart said...

So glad to hear everything is ok!!!! Hang in there and take it easy!

twondra said...

Yay! Glad to hear everything is okay!!

Melissa Griffin said...

Glad to hear everything is good...We too cant wait to hear what you are having - this is sooo exciting for you right now I am sure...Relax - well try and relax for your babies will be ok :-)

Andrea said...

So now you pee and you don't even know it. Oh the joys of motherhood. I KNOW you waited long for these so enjoy it and don't be embarassed at all. Hehe.

Love you Tiff, Glad to hear things are going so good!!!! Tell Gabe Hello when you talk to him, but don't text. YIKES. 50 cents.