Mom's Surprise Party and Easter

So I threw my Mom a surprise party... yes yes, I am a little nuts. I am STILL paying for the exhaustion. That took A LOT out of me, tired, tired, tired, but I think she had a fantastic time, so it was worth it. Approximately 80 guests turned out for the event and my Mom partied hard.
My Mama LOVES hearts, so this was right up her alley. The filling was fresh strawberries. Yummy!What a cutie! My bestie did the scrapping on this. She is such a fantastic scrapper.

My bestie, Susie also made these gorgeous center pieces. They were martini glasses, she is wonderful. Thank you Susie, I LOVE YOU!

My Bestie and I
Me and Delaney. Delaney is one of three. Yes that's right....she is a triplet! I tried and tried to get at least two of them looking in the same picture, but it wasn't happening so I just gave up. I wonder if it will be the same with our babies?

My Mama and her fantastic bestie (check out Mama's new hair do... I LOVE IT! This is the Mama of the triplets! She is giving us TWO unopened cribs for our twins. She never got around to using all three cribs, so she offered them to us. Isn't she sweet? How fabulous is that? Brand new cribs for free!

Still looks the same!

Susie and I on Easter

Tiff & Twins

Lil' Pumpkins

Serena & Annie. These cousin's have been wearing matching Easter dresses since their first Easter. They are now six. It has made me think a lot about who our babies will be close with. Unfortunately, they are much younger than most of the kids in our family and their cousins who are also older live out of state, but they will always have each other, what more could they ask for? On my Step-Dad's side of the family his Niece is pregnant, so I would imagine our little ones will be close with her little one.

Our bunny hides eggs in trees

I love you Serena Hope!


Mama Tina said...

OMG....I love the other MIL's hair!!! I so cried when I read this blog this morning. I miss my little great-nieces, I miss my son, I miss you, I miss the other MIL and Wayne and my nieces, Elianna, and my Fat Bald UPS Man, I even miss Granny.

I hate the fact that I live 897 miles away...but on a happy note I will be there in less than a month :) I can't wait to spend our Birthday's together and to see, feel that big belly :) to go shopping, something you and I have waited a long time for :)

I hope you are having a good day and I am sure we will talk later today , like everyday via e-mail.

Love you ....mean it


Hoping for our own Peanut said...

looks like an amazing weekend. im sure worth every second of fatigue. ;)

Suzanne said...

Phew - 80 people?! Are you crazy, girl? I took on 20 for a party this past weekend and I was exhausted.
Looks like you guys had a great time!

twondra said...

Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing!!

twondra said...

Oh.....and I'm sooooo glad your mom liked the quilt. :) Thanks again for the support!