So Proud

I am SO proud of my gorgeous husband who over the last two months has lost 18 pounds!

He decided he wanted to lose weight shortly after we found out we were having twins. You are going to love why he decided to do this. To be healthy and have energy for me and his babies! Isn't that just the sweetest thing? So proud of you my love, all three of us are! We thank you and love you mucho.


Hoping for our own Peanut said...

that is WONDERFUL! please pass a "great job" on to Gabe..:)

Flying Monkeys said...

That is awesome! Losing weight is hard, good for him!

twondra said...

That's awesome! What a sweetie.

Andrea said...

That is awesome!!!! GOOD JOB GABE!!!!

Ryan and Stuart said...

Way to go Daddy!!! Tiff, I also craved avocados around 16 weeks too - isn't that funny? Hugs to you!

Anna said...

Many congratulations on the weight lost so far. How absolutely wonderful.

As you've said, the whole family thanks him.

All the best to him and good health.