I am ALREADY missing Gabe and he has only been gone 6 hours. I sure hope this week speeds by.

I am also missing my babies, it seems like so long since I have seen them on ultrasound. Counting down the days, only 8 more!

I am a little worried, for those that have BTDT (been there done that) is harding of the uterus okay? It seems that every once in while everything tightens up and I can actually feel where each baby is laying. It is starting to scare me because it sounds like braxton hicks, which I read in my books doesn't start until about week 20. Is that what it is? Should I be worried? Should I call the doctor? I noticed if I stay VERY hydrated I don't get them. I have had a total of about 6 in the last three days. Any thoughts?

Update 1:48 PM: Honey made it safely a few hours ago and was greated with a mask to protect against Swine Flu. Oh my!

They ARE Braxton Hicks contractions. I have NOT had any today. I was on my feet and was a busy bee yesterday and the day before, so I was told to take it easy, drink plenty of fluids and call the doctor if they become more frequent. They will be checking my cervix next Tuesday, which makes me feel better. Now off to enjoy my Mac and Cheese (craving for today.)


Anna said...

Hope you're feeling better and that the week goes by extra fast so hubby will be home before you know it.

No experience, but since it seems staying hydrated reduces symptoms, then keep downing those fluids.

Wishing you all the best and some peace and calm.


Angelwingsbaby said...

I hope the time goes by quickly for you.Too bad you live so far away or I would offer to keep you company.Oh I wanted to ask for your email so I could ask you about some pregnancy questions.My email is on my blog.((hugs))-Megan

twondra said...

I hope you're able to rest up and you're feeling better.

And I hope time goes fast so you can see Gabe soon. (((HUGS)))