No Pictures

No pictures this week, the camera is with Gabe in Mexico. I slept so well last night. You should see Phoenix sleeping in Daddy's spot in bed, he is such a protector since Gabe has been gone.

My BFF took me out to Mexican food last night and tonight I have acupuncture. When can I stop going to acupuncture? I really really want to stop I can no longer afford it. Wait, I could never afford it, but now I really can't. What do I say? How do I say it? I swear I owe much of the cycle success to him, so I need to let him down gently. The truth would be best... that I just can't afford $90 every two weeks (it used to be every week.) Maybe I will see if I can wean down to once a month. He really does help, he helps with my headaches and will eventually be able to help with back pain too. For now, he just keeps my chi even.

4 more days until honey is home

7 more days until gender scan, and Cinco De Mayo style celebrating

12 more days until my 1st Mother's Day

16 more days until my MIL gets here and sees my belly

22 more days until my 20 week scan, bathing suit shopping, baby shopping, and dinner at Benihana's for MIL's B-day

26 more days until my 27th birthday

I was recently asked what I wanted for my Birthday, my response "I already got what I wanted."

That is so true, but..............

What I really really really want is: For our two babies to be born healthy in September

Although a car detail, our bathroom painted, our baseboards touched up, and the pregnant Willow Tree figurine would be nice too. I have waited SO long for that figurine.


Hoping for our own Peanut said...

love the countdowns! i totally live my life waiting for the next great day coming up!

darn right, you deserve that figurine. a friend gave me it a few weeks ago. :)

Christina said...

I love that figurine! We got one after the girls were born. Daddy and I both did actually. Then for the girls birthday, their GGma got them a figurine like that of 2 kids together, have you seen that one? So now I have 3, although I would of loved to have the one you are showing too. I love your reading your blog, congratulations again!!!