Craving of the Day

That is my craving for today, I came across some at the Long's Drugs today. It was SOOOO good. I am normally not a fan, but I guess the babies are. For those of you who don't know what it is... it is very similar to Sunny Delight.

Off to drink so more and give Memphis a bath before I fall asleep. I will be lucky to make it to 6 p.m.


twondra said...

That makes me so thirsty just looking at it. Now you got me craving it...and I'm not even pregnant. :)

Mama Tina said...

Ok...from the looks of it those babies are leaning towards the hispanic (their Daddy's) side of our family :) Re: Tammy's comment: Tammy it's not as good as it looks , it's a Mexican version of OJ. a cross between Tang and Sunny Delight. lol, it's got to be those little babies craving it, I am almost sure of it :)

Have a great day!!!

Love you more...


Andrea said...

That is soo cute. Tampico huh.